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There once was a god named Perculus, he was one of the three lost gods that were destroyed by Zeus. He was the god of education; he was responsible for teaching all the citizens of Greece the basic ways of living. Once Zeus got into power he was jealous that someone other than himself was teaching the citizens so he sent him to Hades, along with two other gods for other personal reasons, Diminutive the original god of Truth and, Gargantuan the god of punishment.

When Perculus got to Hades underworld, Hades was planning to exile the three gods to newly discovered island in the southwest. When Hades was tricking them to board a boat, Diminutive sensed that the story that Hades told the gods was a lie. So they backed off and then Perculus had to take action for the misdemeanor. Gargantuan the god of punishment tied Hades down. Suddenly Zeus appeared in the form of the Minotaur seeking to punish the three gods for knowing Zeus’ secret. Somehow the three gods were able to over power Zeus and pin him down long enough to convince him to resign as Chief god, and if he wouldn’t they would tell the world who he really was.

It turned out that Zeus had wanted to get rid of the three gods because they were the only one who knew who Zeus really was (a god who was seeking to control the world in his wrath). The three gods convinced him to resign. As this episode happened no one knew what was going on, not even the other gods. All the other gods thought that the five gods (including Zeus and Hades) were taking a vacation. Mysteriously Perculus, Diminutive and Gargantuan showed up ready to go back on duty as gods. One of which Perculus was the “acting” head god. There was concern about Hades and Zeus but not...

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