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Myth And The Modern World Essay

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Since the beginning of time, people have been searching the universe looking for answers to the burning questions about what “it” all means. By looking to the past, we find parallels that help put our own modern lives into perspective. We mortals have an insatiable quest for knowledge about everything under the sun. Who are we? Where did we come from? Why are we here? What happens next? By analyzing the meaning of ancient Mythology and applying the lessons learned through the hero’s quests, we gain insight and perspective about our own place in the modern world we live in today. By visualizing and internalizing the lessons learned through the mythological hero’s journeys, we find relevance in the symbolism and metaphors that mirror our own struggles and inspire us to find the courage and determination to overcome them.
I am not a deeply religious person but I do believe in “something”. What that something is, I am not entirely sure. However, like the characters in the myths we have read about this semester, I know that I am also on a journey that hopefully one day will reveal the answers to the questions I’ve been looking for along with the ones I haven’t even thought of yet. Life is a quest that begins at birth and continues until the day we die. Our quests resemble the hero’s journeys because in attempting to achieve our goals; we stumble, fall, get a little help if we’re lucky, then get up and try again. Sometimes I pray for supernatural help as I struggle to overcome obstacles along the way, but so far no gods or goddesses have materialized to help me out in my times of need. I guess that’s why we have family - those people in our lives we sometimes can’t live with but could never live without. They are the ones who point out our flaws and drag us down the right path when we are hell-bent on taking the wrong one. Grendel’s mother did the best she could under her tragic circumstances and in the end she tried to avenge her son’s death (Gardner). Though she and her son were viewed as monsters they were more than that. To this day, many times we can’t get past what we see on the outside or bother to really see what’s really underneath. We have bias, racism and stereotypes in our modern world just as they did in ancient mythology. Different is viewed with distrust. Loyalty, trust and respect are precious commodities; gifts that are hard to earn and even harder to hold on to. The mythological characters we have come to know have taught us this and they are lessons worth holding on to.
The essence of hospitality remains the same in today’s society as it did in the time when immortals ruled the earth. Traditionally, we celebrate holidays and other momentous events with friends and family for any number of reasons. Children are taught from the time they are young the importance of manners, ethics and morality. Penelope’s suitors paid the ultimate price for their disgraceful behavior by blatantly disregarding the sacred...

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