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Myth Children Growing Up In A Single Parent Home

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March 28, 2009What is Family?The definition of family is a group of people, traditionally parents and their children whether dwelling together or not. This may comprise as anyone connected to you by blood or by adoption, or by marriage like step parents, grandparents, grandparents acting as parents, and even brothers and sisters sometimes sharing the same household. The term family has been believed to coincide with the word "marriage". If you were to have a family, you were also thought to have a husband or wife. This is not always the case now a day. So many families are just one guardian, no husband and wife, no mom and dad… just mom, just dad or just grandparent, even aunt or uncle, and in rare instances just brother or sister.
What does family mean? The word family means so much to different people. To some it means security, love, a sense of being close to someone. To others it might just mean they are related ‘to those folks over yonder, somehow’, it is just in names only. I personally was raised by a single mother, and even though we had to struggle with one parent, we knew we had the rest of our family, we were still close. My mother raised us to be there for one another, to know our extended family and spend time together.
Now that I am a single parent, I try to keep family close to my son’s, which it is hard, because unfortunately the in-laws are not a close family and do not see any importance in being close or being there for each other. I am a single parent not by choice, and only temporary, but I have been a single parent for some time now, and the struggle is difficult. I grew up watching my mother struggle, and told my self I would not live like that when I grew up, well I spoke to soon. Little did I know I would go through the struggles of single parenting, only to have what happen to my mom happen to me.
Being a single parent is very difficult in today’s society so much is expected of the children. If the parent is not well educated and working for minimum wage, the struggles will be even more complex. Over the last few decades, the number of single parent families has increased dramatically. As a result of out-of-wedlock births, separation and divorces, the proportion of single parent family groups has increased from ten percent to over 30 percent today. With its impact on the parents, their children and the society in general, the phenomenon of single parent families needs to be considered from a couple of perspectives views.
The topic of single parent families is examined in its relationship to the various institutional structures such as the government, businesses and community organizations. One of the critical challenging issues confronted by single parent families is their comparative poverty to two-parent families. According to the 2007 Kids Count Data Book, "the poverty rate of single parent families is 42 percent, compared to eight percent for two-parent families". Single parents' efforts to improve their economic...

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