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Fairy Tale Or Epic Allegory Essay

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Goblin Market is one of the masterpieces of Christina Georgina Rossetti; composed in 1859 and was published in 1862 in Goblin Market and Other Poems. She was an English poet in Victorian era, a period when the Bible was chiefly and frequently read and people were too religious. Also, it was the time of sexual repression; to enjoy or to talk about sexual passion was considered a sin. Moreover, women were confined to their home and education was denied; it was an era of male dominance (Mitchell 150). Sisters Laura and Lizzie pass through the goblin market; Laura is tempted to taste the fruits and Lizzie warns her not to. But, Laura trades her hair to taste the fruits and she gets sick. Lizzie goes to the goblin market alone to find an antidote for her sister and finally saves her life. This poem might seem like a children’s immaginative story with magical characters, but it is no mere fairy tale. A deeper exploration is essential to decode her metaphors about natural elements, as Rossetti has used a wide range of metaphors. A profound analysis of her work will reveal the thematic interpretation of christian belief and sexual connotations.
When it comes to Rossetti’s Goblin Market, numerous critical approaches are offered. Feminists believed that it is an effort to reconstruct women’s roles and visions, they were also convinced that it has a strong message of hero creation. Not so, argued naturalists because Christina uses a wide range of natural elements in her poem; they validated this with her early life in the country, and some critics argued that she hints the infiltration of women into capital market as she talks about trade and market. Some critics also speculated that she incorporates classic theme of temptation, fall, and redemption, which is quite obvious because Rossetti is a religious female. Her poem is also castigated for the extensive use of sexual language or perhaps it is just a fairy tale. But, thorough investigation of the poem and her personal life, will reveal the hidden epic allegory which is temptation, fall, and redemption.
In order to analyze her work effectively we need to extend our view far down to her personal life. Everett, assistant professor of English in Univesity of Tennessee, in his article The Life of Christina Rossetti reveals that Rossetti was a devout member of evangelical branch of the church of England; she inherited artistic tendencies from her father and religious beliefs from her mother. Her engagement with James Collinson ended just because he converted to Roman Chatholic; she refused to marry her long time friend Charles Cayley because she found that he was not a christian (Everett). From Everett’s article it is clear that Rossetti is a very religious person; she could not tolerate people slipping from their religious stand point. Also, her works always celebrated Christianity because she wanted to promote Christian knowledge.
One of the reason for being religious is Rossetti spent most of her...

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