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Mythological Creatures Essay

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Mythological creatures, such as Mermaids, are believed to not be true. If mermaids did exist, however, could they survive under the environmental conditions for which they live? Honestly, yes, under the absolute circumstances and correct biological makeup a half human/half fish creature could possibly revive in our natural world. Since a mermaid’s habitat is located in the ocean, they must adapt to its characteristics. The ocean is high in oxygen levels, but low in nutrient concentration. Also stratified, it has different zones known with distinctive components for each. For example, the upper photic zone accumulates plenty of light, but light intensity decreases rapidly with depth. To determine the temperature of the zones is based upon the light intensity. Because sunlight is illuminating the surface, the temperature of the water is a lot warmer than further south where light is scarce. In order to survive, mermaids would have to sustain in areas light could reach.
Furthermore, a mermaid is basically composed of normal human body organ systems such as the digestive tract; which differs in that the supernatural being’s diet is diverse than ours because their habitat is in the ocean instead of on land. In digestion, food is physically and chemically broken down into absorbable nutrients for the body. Two organs of the digestive system include the esophagus and stomach. The esophagus delivers ingested materials to the stomach; which is located just below the diaphragm, a muscular wall separating the thoracic and abdominal cavity. In the stomach, food is stored and begins digestion by secreting gastric juices.

Second, the circulatory system in mermaids is homogeneous to our own, so that oxygen and nutrients are gained while eliminating carbon dioxide. To be precise, fluid is moved among a cell’s surroundings and tissues so that exchange with the environment can occur. There are three basic components: a circulatory fluid, a set of interconnecting vessels, and a muscular pump, the heart. Mammals have a closed circulatory system where blood travels in vessels to and from the heart; another name for this process is the cardiovascular system. Partitioning in this cycle are three main blood vessels: arteries, veins, and capillaries. These networks are scattered throughout the body and blood travels in only one direction. Lastly, the heart (located behind the sternum or breastbone) is a hollow organ enclosed of smooth muscle that accommodates 4 chambers. Working in a rhythmic cycle, it pumps blood when contracting and accumulates with blood while relaxing. Therefore, allowing mermaids and humans to perform their roles in daily life.
Continuously, mermaids are categorized as vertebrates because they do in fact have a backbone. Thus, all vertebrates have cardiac, smooth, and skeletal muscle. First, cardiac muscle is only found in the heart. Unlike skeletal muscle, cardiac muscle can trigger action potentials without input from the nervous system...

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