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Mythology Assignment

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I decided to create a Greek hero named, Chrestotes, which translates to the meaning of purity and goodness in the Greek language. Chrestotes is a very kind and fair hero, who desires to help all. He easily forgives and does not hold grudges. Chrestotes was raised by another Greek hero named, Sozo, which means ‘to save’ in Greek, in a cave nearby the village he was born in. Growing up, Chrestotes often complained about his lack of physical strength; how weak and scrawny he was. He compared himself to Sozo, thinking that he was his son. However, with the help of Sozo, he learned that one does not have to be physically strong to fight, that fighting is more than swords and war; one can fight and be a hero, while still staying true to whom they are, value and believe in. Sozo took very good care of Chrestotes, teaching him kindness, manners, respect, perseverance, and fairness. He made sure that Chrestotes always had enough to eat, was warm and clean. He protected him from the dangers of the universe, away from Astheno’s monsters which inevitably lurked around searching for and killing young children and babies.
When Chrestotes was 13 years old, Sozo finally told him that he was not his father, that he was his protector. He told Chrestotes the name of his mother and that his father was a very ill king in the village nearby. Chrestotes was explained that his mother was physically very sick and passed away after giving birth to him. He was also told that a beautiful goddess was sent to Chrestotes’s mother the night prior to giving birth to him. The god demanded that she disguise her baby in a basket containing fruits, vegetables and grains and immediately bring her son to a nearby cave, ten kilometers away from the village. She was told that he would be safe there and that he would once come back to fight Astheno and help him see that he is unwell and how his decisions were negatively impacting the village in all ways imaginable. For example, the villagers were growing older and were unable to perform the same quality and quantity of work and labor that young people could. The once young people were growing old and there was no reproduction. The poor young children and infants were being severely injured and killed.
The king in the village nearby was very sick, hence his name was Astheno because Astheno means sick in Greek. Astheno has delusions that babies and young children are evil and are sent from the gods to try and destroy him. As mentioned previously, he orders that all babies be found and killed.
Believe it or not, but Astheno was initially a very good king. He was very kind, good and joyful. His people respected and loved him, but his wife, whom he truly and sincerely loved, had passed away. This is when he became very depressed, disoriented and delusional, thinking that people, particularly young children and babies, were out to get him.
Once Chrestotes was told the story, he began to fight and train even more. This shows his...

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