Myths And Reality About Nature Of Communication

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Legends and myths of business communicationhave no words values; values are determined by our experiences and perception. Most of the messages transmitted by us based not on words and on non-verbal symbols. Sometimes you give people too much information and they cease to understand you. John M. Penrose (John M. Penrose), State University of San Diego To understand the nature of interpersonal communication and business communication in general comparable to several widely misunderstandings or myths.1. Myth. We communicate only when themselves consciously and deliberately choose the communication.We can assume that manage our communications. For example, we decide to send a letter with the proposal of the intended employee or the state decides to convene a meeting to discuss the important issue. In such cases, we consciously and deliberately manage the communications. However We often wonder, when our communication brings is not the result that expected. Prospective employee may reply that he had already received proposal to work with a lower salary, to a lesser firm. Why? Passed Several days after the interview with him, but from your company had no information. He decided that he was not going to take to work or at extent that it is not a candidate number 1 for the company. In fact, he received message about your lack of interest as if it was transferred to him personally.reality. We're making a lot of information exchanges just when we are not aware of his involvement in the communicative process.Continuing the previous example, say that the reason delays in a few days before the candidate received an invitation to work was that one of the secretaries was ill, and another train more report. The fact is that the employee, the proposed work, their silence is conveyed the message without realizing it. And indeed, we often pass messages that do not intend to transfer.2. Myth. The listener understands the words, just as we have.basis of this myth is the assumption that words have the same meaning for everyone. For example, in a large organization of sales representatives makes a reservation by phone and asked to deliver it immediately. The following Monday, the client reports that he had not received this order. Trade Representative finds that the order was not shipped until Friday. She complains Manager, shipments, which says: "But we actually sent him immediately. " Dealer "Immediately" meant the same day. And for the person who receives daily dozen phone calls demanding to "send immediately" or "send it yesterday", the word "Immediately" meant "within a week?.Another example: When we say "apple" (apple), one hears or sees a red apple, the other - the green, the third -- apple pie, and a fourth - the computer. So why is the same word has different meanings for different people?reality. In the words really do not have values, values determined by our experience and perception.In this example, the word "immediately" means different amount of time for...

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