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The most well known story of children not listening to their parents and regretting of all time could only be Daedalus and Icarus. Though it does have many other topics and messages as well, and much can be learned from it. In this paper, I will show you five different messages, and in doing so also tell you ten other concepts shown from this myth that we all should learn from.
One such message would have to be control your excitement. Icarus not controlling his excitement and flying too high is one example, but in real life there is people who for example get a new video game. They want to play it so badly, they play the video game instead of doing something that needs to be done like ...view middle of the document...

To me destroying a friendship because of revenge is a tragedy. For example me and Sean Mccoy always annoy each other and then try to get revenge (we never get too mad at each other), and this always seems to get us in big fights, and both of us regret having done anything with that subject.
Daedalus is a perfect example of all problems can be solved. Kind of like Thomas Edison, and when he couldn't get out of the Labyrinth through the sea or land and instead used the air is like Thomas Edison’s idea of of, “I didn't fail, I just found one thousand ways that won’t work.” This also tells us why we have to be creative, because it helps us not just invent things, but we can also solve tons of problems in everyday things. An example of all problems can be solved is shown in that all the inventions and stuff that we have today, almost all of them solve some sort of problem. Another example of how being creative and solving problems can help you is Sherlock Holmes who is good enough at solving problems that he still has a job as a consulting detective, despite the fact that he drives everyone crazy. Another example that all problems can be solved is Yoda, who managed to train the next Jedi, and stay alive despite the Empire looking for and trying to kill him, and despite all of that he managed to bring balance to the force. Also R2D2 who managed to somehow stay alive and bring down the Empire, and keeping both Anakin and Luke Skywalker alive until the end. He also saved the lives of Obi-wan, Han Solo, and Princess Leia multiple times, and eventually won.
Icarus is a perfect example of why...

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