Myths Of Vaping Debunked Essay

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The use of e-cigarettes has been growing substantially in recent years as a much safer and healthier alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes. The use of e-cigarettes is also known as vaping since e-cigarettes work by using water vapor instead of smoke, and they closely emulate the look and feel of smoking without the harmful health effects of tobacco smoke. While many people enjoy the benefits of vaping, there are several myths about vaping that have sprung up recently that are simply not true.

Vaping is a Gateway to Traditional Smoking

Some people believe that vaping may lead people into trying actual cigarettes in order to get a stronger effect. This is an especially worrisome possibility when it comes to children. The fact of the matter is that there is no strong evidence to support such a belief. If anything, the exact opposite is true. Most vapers chose to use e-cigarettes because they realized how harmful tobacco smoking was to them and they ...view middle of the document...

In fact, the reason that it is included in some anti-freezes is to make it safer.

Vaping Still Typically Involves Breathing In Nicotine, So They'll Also Cause Cancer

There are 69 known carcinogens out of the thousands of chemicals found in traditional cigarettes. Out of these 69 carcinogens, none of them are or are related to nicotine. Nicotine has never been linked to any form of cancer. The misconception probably stems from the fact that nicotine is one of the most well-known chemicals found in cigarettes and it's common knowledge that cigarettes cause various forms of cancer. E-cigarette cartridges do commonly contain nicotine to help ease the process of quitting in smokers, but there are also cartridges that don't contain nicotine if you'd prefer avoiding it anyway.

Vaping is Meant to Lure Children in to Smoking

Many vapers enjoy the fact that e-cigarette cartridges come in many flavors such as vanilla, mint, grape, cherry, cinnamon and even chocolate flavors. However, some people believe that the flavored cartridges of e-cigarettes are flavored with sweet flavors to attract children into smoking them. There has been no evidence presented that supports this theory, and it's rather silly either way. E-cigarette cartridges do come in many sweet flavors, but they're meant to make the taste more appealing to adults. Adults enjoy sweet flavors too, and the flavors are advertised in ways that would be far more appealing to the adult eye than a child's eye.

Secondhand Vapor is Just as Harmful as Secondhand Smoke

One of the major concerns with both smoking and vaping is doing it around other people who don't smoke or vape. It's a well-known fact that merely being around people who are smoking can increase a person's risk of lung cancer, heart disease and several other health issues. However, the same cannot be said of vaping. While the full health impact of e-cigarettes is currently being extensively explored, there's no evidence indicating that e-cigarette vapor is as harmful as tobacco smoke. In fact, there seems to be no apparent health risks to second vapor at all from the studies that have been done so far. Vapor also dissipates much more quickly than smoke, allowing bystanders to avoid breathing much of it in.

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