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It was a cool, June morning, I had my bags packed and ready to go, and just like that I was on the road to Niagara Falls! We started by getting up at five O'clock in the morning.I remember waking up to the smell of french toast, bacon, and eggs. We packed our bags in the truck, then hit the road!

After about an hour of driving on the bumpy city roads we finally hit the smooth highway to Pennsylvania. Once we got to Pennsylvania ,we ate lunch then headed to the Hershey’s Chocolate Factory. I remember when I walked in those doors to the factory I could smell the sweet cocoa and just hear the laughter of hundreds of kids. We got to watch a short film on how Hershey’s chocolate, came to be and how much money was made. They had a cafe with a forest scenery and a beautiful pond flowing through the trees and plants. We got to eat all the free chocolate we wanted! I loved the sweetness of the chocolate melting in my mouth. It was a delicious stop on the road to Niagara Falls!

Our next stop was the famous Crayola Factory! When we walked in those big, colorful doors you could smell wax and excitement. We got to sit in a room that kind of looked like a theater. In the front of the room was a glass pane ,and behind that glass they were showing us how they make and wrap crayons. The process was really simple but yet interesting. Next, we moved on to the next room. In that room there were giant crayons with holes cut in the sides and in those holes there were different colors of melted wax. We all got a piece of paper and a stick and with that stick we got to dip it in that simmering, hot wax. Using the stick we drizzled the colorful wax all over the rough, thick paper. We had to wait for it to dry and when it did ,was like a 3-D picture, it was really cool. After that we went to another room and in that room they were testing a new product called Model Magic. They let us play and experiment with it. The Model Magic was very soft and smooth. It was kind of like a better version of Play-Dough, only it never dries out!

Finally, we made the long, agonizing drive to Buffalo, New York. We settled in a nice hotel and got a good night rest. The following morning we woke up, loaded back in the truck and headed down the scenic road to Niagara Falls. When we got there I noticed there were very many foreign people there. It was kind of cool and interesting though because everywhere in the Niagara Falls park there were different stands set up and it was so cool to taste all the different foods from many different cultures.

I thought one of the coolest activities to do there was...

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