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N.K. Kleinfield's "A Creeping Horror" Essay

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N.K. Kleinfield's story for The New York Times allows his readers to experience September 11th's day of trauma and horror like no other. I feel that Kleinfield had a strong beginning to his article because of the way he chose his words. His first sentence and paragraph, "It kept getting worse", left me wondering 'what kept getting worse'? This made me want to read on to find out more information. As I did, the story started to unfold right off the bat and he fed me the answer to my question in the steps of the event that took place. I noticed in the third paragraph that he asked a lot of questions that he clearly was intending to answer. The questions he asked, such as "But was it friend or enemy?" and "Should they go north, south, east, west?", were thoughts that must have been going through the people's horrified minds who witnessed the threat. At sum other point in the story Kleinfield repeats his one sentence paragraph by writing "And then it got worse", this showed me that he was going to unfold more horrifying information and that the story was not finished. So

the beginning of Kleinfield's story, which had so far kept me gravitated, gave me a very apparent picture of what was to become of it.
The structure that Kleinfield used for his narrative was based upon interviews that he took of the different point of views of the people who witnessed the event first hand. He gave us the basic overall view of the event first however, in order to create a solid beginning. Some of the interviewees had very little speaking roles in the story but instead gave a different perspective, which described the moment in time when they realized the tragedy had struck. For example Kleinfield writes of a man named Jim Farmer, a film composer, who at the time was having breakfast at a small restaurant on West Broadway, when he noticed the sound of a jet. He then tells us " 'All the pigeons in the street flew up.' " No other direct quotes were made. Other interviewees, Tim Lingenfelder for example, contributed more to Kleinfield's story. He...

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