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N Power Peg Technology Essay

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The N Power Peg is a device that was developed to be utilized as a source of energy deriving from the kinetic energy concept. The inventor, impetus behind the innovation and the potential success of this product is further emphasized in this paper.
The Inventor
Aaron LeMieux is the founder and CEO Tremont Electric a company based in Ohio. He is also the inventor of the nPower Peg. Mr. LeMieux has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering specializing in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Toledo. (About this talk: Aaron LeMieux 2010)He has served the Northern Ohio manufacturing industry as a consultant since 2000; working specifically as a crisis and turnaround manager for struggling small-cap companies. He has experiences in areas of engineering, manufacturing, and management in the industrial environment. He holds multiple patents. As an avid long distance backpacker (About this talk: Aaron LeMieux 2010)Mr. LeMieux became the sole technology inventor and entrepreneur that invented, built, and tested the first npower device and subsequently founded Tremont Electric LLC in May 2007.

The Motive behind the Invention
The driving force behind this invention can be attributed to many factors. However, the most immediate one is (Tremont Electric: The company n.d.) Aaron LeMieux’s thought of utilizing wasted kinetic energy of his steps and movement of his hips while backpacking 1500 miles on the Appalachian Trail in 1996.

As an avid backpacker Mr. LeMieux thought of the brilliant idea of utilizing the kinetic energy from the many steps he took and the rubbing of the back pack against his shoulders. (Tremont Electric: The company n.d.) He also realized that he was going through many disposal batteries that powered his GPS and radio.

He thought if he could harness all the kinetic energy from his steps and backpack it could be utilize to power his electronic equipment without having to locate a conventional source of recharging his batteries. This brings us to the birth of nPower PEG and Tremont Electric LLC.

The nPower PEG
What is the nPower PEG and what do the acronyms represent? nPower is the technology that harvest electric energy from kinetic movement. (canton 2009)(PEG) personal energy generator is a device that can be fitted into a back pack or belt clip and carried. As the user walks their renewable kinetic energy is harvested to recharge their handheld electronic devices. The energy can potentially be harvested from waves in the ocean. (canton 2009)There are applications, for the military, mountain backpackers, people walking to work.
The nPower is scalable. It provides multiple products, such as the (BIG) biomedical implant generator, and larger scale wave energy converters. However, the PEG addresses one of our most pressing concerns which are the lack of electricity or the increased demand for electrical source of energy. Consumers lack alternative sources of energy. (canton 2009) There are approximately 23 million...

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