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Nails On The Fly: Consumer Behavior Issues

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Nails On the Fly:
Consumer Behavior Issues

Nails on the Fly would be a small nail salon station located at various airports around the country. It is targeted toward women who are usually traveling due to business and do not have time to get their nails done in town, so while waiting to board their flight can get their nails done.

This paper addresses consumer behavior matters relevant to the marketing of Nails on the Fly. While many of the predictions made are contingent to authentication from market research, likely consumer behaviors, attitudes, background, and perceptions are projected in conjunction with a discussion of managerial implications.

For many consumers being properly groomed is an important part of their life, whereas many would believe that it is a mundane part of life. Therefore, it would be reasonable to expect that the selection of nails salons would be a matter of low involvement. For a low involvement product category, consumers are ordinarily usually not willing to expend energy on external search. It is likely that many consumers do not really care where they get their nails done, as long as it is convenient to them at the time that it is needed. However, some consumers will expand their energy on conducting external searches for “the best manicure” in town, or “the cheapest manicure.”
While some consumers will conduct some method of search for a nail salon, it can be inferred that most consumers chose their nail salons based on convenience, and not other factors. This suggests that a large proportion of the consumers will not go through a significant amount of decision-making, thus not opening opportunities for influences at several stages.

Beauty salons are not a product that the consumer needs a lot of knowledge about. It can be assumed that consumers know the difference between hair salons and nail salons, although there may be some who are under the belief that all personal grooming can be done at one location.
For the few consumers who have little to no knowledge about nail salons- salons of convenience are the ones that consumers would choose. There will always be consumers who are extremely knowledgeable about the products or services that are most important to them and thus may be weary of straying from known brands or establishments, and unwilling to go to a nail salon that is there just for convenience.

Most women are at least somewhat aware of the different options available at different salons. When socializing with friends, women are likely to notice small details like each other’s hair, nails, and other aspects of physical appearance. Many women who do not already take part in extensive personal grooming are likely to start by noticing the difference in their friends. Those who do already visit nail salons and other beauty...

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