Name And Describe The Purpose Of All The Internal And External Hardware Of A Modern Pc.

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Internal HardwareMotherboardMotherboards are mainly produced for IMB compatible computers. This means that it would not work or would not work well in a computer running Mac. Motherboards are available separately to a computer as well as installed. The motherboard has many parts that attach to it such as a graphics card, CPU and RAM.
How many expansion slots the motherboard has depends on how good or how much you payed for the hardware.
What is it: A motherboard is the underlying circuit board of a computer, also known as the CPB central printed circuit board.
What is its purpose: The motherboard is the main printed circuit board and contains the buses, or electrical pathways, found in a computer.
How is it used in a computer: The motherboard is the electronic highways for the electronic currents to obtain from a module to another module.
Why it is necessary: The computer needs a motherboard to relay all the information that needs to be passed from the peripheral devices of a computer connect to it.
CPULike other parts with out the CPU the computer would not function. A CPU can also be purchased separately or installed. Externally a CPU has 3 parts, the heat sink, the fan and the processer. Internally the CPU also has 3 parts, the A.L.U. also known as the Arithmetic and Logic Unit which performs all the calculations needed to run the computer. It also has the Control Unit, which looks after the flow of data round the computer by sending out control signals. There is also the memory which is used to store data.
What is it: The CPU also known as the central processing unit, is the brains behind the computer. This means that it processes the information need to run the computer and also the programs that run the computer.
What is its purpose: The CPU looks after all the information passing through a computer.
How is it used in a computer: It is used to look after the computer, making sure that the right information is being passed to the right places.
Why it is necessary: With out it the computer would not function at all. It runs the computer and makes sure that the computer is getting the right information to work properly.
RAMWhat is it: RAM or Random Access Memory is the primary storage in a computer. It is also known as virtual memory. It also has an effect on how fast the computer is, if a computer has lots of memory then the computer can process more things at the same time without slowing down.
What is its purpose: A computer needs RAM to store information that has not been saved to a secondary storage device. This memory is wiped clean every time the computer is turned off or rebooted.
How is it used in a computer: The RAM is attached to the motherboard, it is used to store information that the computer might need later. When using programs that stresses the system it is useful to have more RAM because the computer can process everything a little quicker.
Why it is necessary: It is needed so that computer collects on information...

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