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Name:. Book Title: The Hitchhiker’s Guise To The Galaxy. Author:

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Book title: The Hitchhiker’s Guise To The Galaxy.
Author: Douglas Adams.
Number of pages: 143
Plot/story Line:
Arthur and his friend Ford are hitching a ride with a Vogon space ship after the earth’s destruction. After getting kicked out from the ship they’re being saved by “the heart of gold” which is driven by the ex-president of the galaxy, Ford’s cousin, Zaphod Beeblebrox and his friend Trillian. The four are going to the legendary planet - “Magrathea”.
Main Characters:
Arthur Dent: human, Ford’s best friend on earth. Annoys Zaphod with his stupid question and misunderstanding the universe since it’s the first time that he leaves earth.
Ford Prefect: Alien, from a vicinity of Betelgeuse Arthur’s friend and Zaphod’s cousin. He was stuck on earth for 15 years and lived as an unsuccessful actor.
Zaphod Beeblebrox: Alien, from Betelgeuse. Was the president of the galaxy, until he decided to steal the most amazing ship ever built, “The Heart of Gold” .
Trillian: Human, from earth came to the crew with Zaphod 6 months before earth’s destruction.

A book review:
As a science-fiction fan I enjoyed reading this book very much, since it combines science, fiction and comedy. The main story line was originally a sketch on the BBC at the seventies. It was first called “The Ends Of Earth” and it presented all sorts of ways to end the life on earth, in a funny way. The name for the book came to the Author when he was lying drunk in the field while he was looking at the stars. He carried a book with him called “The hitch hiker’s Guide To Europe”.
The “Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy” is filled with funny moments,...

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