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Named Person Essay

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Throughout my seminar paper I will focus on the issues surrounding the governments plan to assign every child in Scotland a ‘named person'. This is one point in the Children and Young Peoples (Scotland) Bill, that parliament recently debated and passed on the 19th of February this year. The government believes the bill will promote their "ambition for Scotland to be the best place to grow up in by putting children and young people at the heart of planning and services and ensuring their rights are respected across the public sector" (Scottish Executive, 2013).
To gain insight into the approach in which the ‘named person' has stemmed from I will look at the ‘Getting it right for every child' (GIRFEC) approach.
I also intend to look at the purpose and role of the ‘named person' in depth as some organisations lack of clarity of the role is leading to concerns.
I intend to discuss the arguments for and against the ‘named person' and the challenges this may put on integration.
Throughout the paper I will discuss the government's need for every child and young person under the age of 18 to have a ‘named person' and relate it to a European policy known as ‘social pedagogy', which outlines a unique way of working with children and the foundation for policy development.

GIRFEC approach

The Scottish government wants all children and young people to be completely supported as they mature and develop, they believe children should be kept safe, be healthy, be given the support to achieve, be nurtured, have the opportunity to be active, be respected, be responsible, and be included. In order for practitioners to support them with these the Scottish government applied the ‘GIRFEC' national practice model in 2008, as a method for carrying out a consistent system for individuals to work with children and young people (Scottish Executive, 2013). This approach helps professional’s concentrate on what has a constructive effect for the children and young people they work with and how they should operate to convey improvement, for the best possible outcome for the children.
The approach outlines ten core components and a set of values and principles, which convey clarification and purpose at a practical level of collaborative working throughout children's services (Scottish Executive, 2010).
The safeguarding of children is a crucial part of the approach and is also a nationwide, inter-agency responsibility. It applies to every child, with a range of needs. Well-defined measures are constantly required to direct immediate action to guard children. The children and young people's bill will legalise and take forward the GIRFEC approach to supply children and young people with a ‘named person’, this will hopefully help to safeguard the child and support the family.

The purpose of the ‘Named Person'

The ‘named person' is allocated to make sure services are coordinated where required, to assist and support a child or young person. Lanarkshire's...

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