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Someone that is very important to me is Arlene, my grandmother. There are
several reasons that my grandmother is so important to me. For example, she always does things
out of the kindness in her heart. She does anything for anyone and for no personal gain
whatsoever. She would rather do something to help another person be happy, than do something
to make herself happy, which is amazing in the eyes of everyone around her. Even when she is
struggling with things in her own life, she is all about making those around her feel better about
their lives and asks nothing in return.

Another thing about my grandmother that is amazing is her ability to keep her head held
high no matter how negative the circumstances are. For example, my grandmother was
diagnosed with Demetria, but she did not let her spirits drop. Instead of moping
or feeling sorry for herself, she immediately told herself and everyone else that she was going to
get over this obstacle, no matter how difficult the journey was going to be. Of course, my
grandmother was quite scared when she found out about this tragic news, but that did nothing to
slow her down. Even through the roughest treatments, she takes the time to make sure that
everything is going well with her family and friends. It does not matter how bad she is feeling or
how difficult this...

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