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The Dictator
The dictator movie is the heroic story of a dictator by the name of General Aladeen. The general, does all he can to make sure that his country does not receive democracy. He oppresses people with his eccentric desires. In the last one year, the movie has received both negative and positive reviews from movie fanatics. It has been described as funny as well as obscene and disgusting.
Despite the criticism, the movie plays a major role in presenting political satire. Satire is a form of comedy that range from drama to prose narrative (Oliver and Stewart 12). Satire is amusing and even humorous. In most cases it attacks someone or social institutions. It may ridicule its target with an aim of creating a positive change. The dictator movie, derides the failings of many leaders in today’s world. The movie has focused mainly on political issues, and has criticized the current personalities in a populist manner.
Sacha Baron Cohen, the leading character in the movie is depicted as being mean- spirited. People are able to laugh at a brutal tyrant, who makes the population nervous. General Aladeen has been portrayed as a despot who governs the imaginary country of Wadiya. He lives in a very opulent palace, and puts to death his subjects for simple mistakes. The general plans to have nuclear power in Wadiya since every dictator has one. He tells his subjects that “even Iranian president Mahmud Ahmadinejad, who looks like a snitch” has nuclear power (Charles).
In the movie, Cohen successfully mixes the doses of Gaddafi, Kim Jong-Il and Hussein to produce general Aladeen. These three were dictators who oppressed their countries. Through Aladeen the audience is able to see the detrimental character that these dictators exhibited. Aladeen is cheerfully brutal. He is comically deluded that, the people of Wadiya love him so much. Political satire is supported by the childish character of Aladeen. In many cases, the general does not realize that he is saying offensive words .When a woman tells him that she is pregnant, he answers derogatively, “Are you having a boy or an abortion” (Charles).
The civilized world put much effort to mobilize the General. As a result, the General purposed to attend the United Nations Assembly in New York. On his way to the U.N, his second in command general plans to kill him and replace him with a pliable double. The plan is to have the dictator replaced and turn Wadiya resources to the government of China (Charles). The general survives the cruel plot, however he finds himself stranded in New York at a health food store. The store is run by Zoey, who teaches the deposed general on how to live, love and turn away from executing people (Charles).
The plot of the movie has immensely borrowed from so many sources. It has borrowed from Edie Murphy’s movie coming to America, and the great dictator by Chaplin. The jokes created in the movie are crude and cruel; they however inspire at times (Charles). The movie has been able...

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