Nano Computing & The Future Of Silicon

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Nano computers have the potential to revolutionize the 21st century in the same way that the transistor led to the information age. Increased investments in nanotechnology could lead to breakthroughs such as molecular computers. Billions of very small, fast, and cheap computers networked together can fundamentally change the face of modern IT computing. This miniaturization has already spawned a whole series of consumer-based computing products: computerized clothes, smart furniture, and access to the internet that is a thousand times faster than the late 20th century’s dial-up technology.

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Intel has also developed a fundamentally different technology for microprocessor microarchitecture: 3-D transistors manufactured at 22nm and 14nm. These transistors enable Intel to ensure that the pace of technology advancement consumers expect, can continue for years to come. Even now, Intel continues to predictably shrink its manufacturing technology in a series of "world firsts": 45nm with high-k/metal gate in 2007; 32nm in 2009; 22nm 3-D transistor in 2011 and 14mn beginning in 2015. A smaller, 3-D transistor combined with advanced multi-core technology, Intel can design even more powerful processors with power efficiency unheard of only a few short years ago. Additional designs for silicon-based chips are making it possible to mechanically stretch them out to cover large areas. These expanded chips, which could be thousands of times the size of the original, and could be used to make cheaper solar panels, sensor networks, and lighter, more efficient flat-screen TVs.
Regardless of market segmentation, both Intel and AMD have been integrating specialized co-processors that excel at specific tasks, for example the most prominent being computer graphics processing. The reason why these are better alternatives than trying to just research the other computational technologies is because we know what we can do with silicon and we know it can be commercially available and cheap to use. The positive effects of using multi-core processors are we can keep adding additional cores to increase processing capabilities once the limits of scaling traditional silicon have been reached.

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We have also learned that DNA computing, Quantum computing, and Molecular computing will not be able to help us when traditional silicon is no longer an option (and it won’t be for very much longer). The reason DNA can not help us is because it is very underdeveloped, and very expensive to maintain (because you have to pay someone to program the DNA so it can grow into what it needs to be.) Quantum won’t save us because, Quantum is both far off (from the average consumer market) and highly expensive to both purchase and maintain. Lastly, molecular computation is in the same boat being not only too underdeveloped, but even professionals in the industry believe it will not match silicon in terms of complex computational tasks. However, all of that being said, what are we to do? Advancements in traditional silicon are coming to a grinding halt and these other so-called “solutions” can not be of any use for a while; again that raises the question of what can we do? Well, we have learned that what we can do is utilize non-traditional Nano computational technologies, 3-D Chip Stacking and multi-core designs.

While there are many forms of Nano-computation technologies: Quantum, Molecular, and DNA that may eventually take the place of traditional silicon chips. Unfortunately we...

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