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Nanotech Batteries: The New Innovation Essay

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___________________________________________________________NANOTECH BATTERIESTHE NEW INNOVATION___________________________________________________________ABSTRACT___________________________________________________________Nanotechnology is on the rise everywhere, and as of late has been very successful in positively changing our life. Nanotechnology has been introduced to many fields thoroughly except that of batteries, which has been present for centuries.
The process of integrating nanotechnology into batteries has been researchedsuccessfully, batteries which have been present for almost two centuries are one of the slowest developing devices of our time, but that’s about to change.
Batteries maybe included into nanotechnology, but what are the costs the benefits and drawbacks of all this, and is the nanotech battery essential to the future life, as the world enters the nanotech age.
___________________________________________________________NANOTECH BATTERIES: THE HISTORY OFTHE BATTERY __________________________________________________________In order to speak about the future of the battery lets begin by speaking about its past.
- The battery has been produced in the early 19th century, two centuries ago. The battery has improved well to turn into small sizes, as far as pocket sizes.
Batteries are instruments capable of storing relatively large amounts of electrical potential. But as of the last few decades batteries have not been developed drastically, in which they should have.
-In complete contradiction other instruments, developed recently, such as the circuit diode, have developed more than the battery in its whole life. Diodes have even been integrated into nanotechnology while batteries are getting outdated for our time.
___________________________________________________________NANOTECH BATTERIES: THE NEW BATTERY __________________________________________________________Nanotech batteries, as sounds from its name, depend on nanotechnology in the release and storage of the electrical potential (voltage).
The nanotech battery is a big jump in the world of batteries. The nanotech battery has many advantages and some disadvantages, such as the high costs of production.
___________________________________________________________NANOTECH BATTERIES: THE APPLICATIONS __________________________________________________________This part of the research mainly discusses the applications of the nanotech battery, in contradiction to the traditional battery:The nanotech battery is going to be used in many aspects in industrial, medical, chemical, governmental, and many other aspects.
The Nanotech battery won't entirely replace the commonly used disposable batteries; instead the target of the scientists developing this new battery is more specialized applications such as in sensors used in the army. The sensors will have twice the lifetime and would be able to transmit better since transmitters need a lot of power.
Other devices where...

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