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The Use Of Nanotechnology Within Dental Materials

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Throughout the course of dentistry there have been many developments that have changed the field in ways people never imagined. Numerous of these dental changes, especially the technological advancements, have mostly emerged only within the last twenty-five years. The dental profession has made groundbreaking improvements in the materials they use, approaches to problems, and how they execute certain procedures. Thus, making the experience, process, and patient care a lot faster, more efficient, and a lot less painful for dental patients. The world of dentistry is always rapidly growing, but looking towards the future, it seems like the science and technology behind this field are growing at an extremely rapid pace. A field that is growing equally fast is the world of nanotechnology. Nanotechnology has been growing so much because it is a multidisciplinary field that involves every subject imaginable from chemistry, physics, biology, to electronics, mechanics, and even social sciences. These recent introductions of nanotechnology are making connections to dentistry and predicting that its use will have positive impacts in the dental field. These new applications and future ideas involving nanotechnology have brought about a new focus to the future of dentistry, now known as, nanodentistry.
Nanotechnology has been here since the beginning of time, however, the discovery of nanotechnology and its presentation to the world is attributed to scientist Dr. Richard Phillips Feynman for exhibiting an article on December 29, 1959, called, There’s Plenty of Room at the Bottom. Since nanotechnology was introduced to the world, it has been a topic thoroughly researched and has scientists promising that it will change the world we live in one day. Despite all the advances in our world today, our future is calling for a more accurate and precise way to improve our ideas and inventions. The word nanotechnology literally translates to “dwarf.” The precision of nanotechnology and its interactions at the atomic level will change our world and improve the way we accomplish things in the future. Over the last few decades nanotechnology has been defined numerous times, however, there is one that captures its meaning as a whole and it was expressed by the US government, where they said, “Nanotechnology is research and technology development at the atomic, molecular, or macromolecular level in the length scale of approximately 1–100 nm range, to provide a fundamental understanding of phenomena and materials at the nanoscale and to create and use structures, devices, and systems that have novel properties and functions because of their small and/or intermediate size.” (CH. 1.1 Emerging Nanotechnology in Dentistry). Nanotechnology as a whole is associated with all subject areas, and focuses on handling matter at a scaling level between 1-100nm in dimension. The basis of nanotechnology is at this level. With this new discovery, nanotechnology...

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