Nanotechnology Use In Sports Essay

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Research Method
The main target of this research are two main groups, the spectators and the athletes. These are two important stakeholders being affected by decisions related to nanotechnology’s use in sports. The fans and spectators of sports were reached through an online survey. By posting the survey on multiple websites and forums I was able to reach out to different people in different countries and get a representative opinion about the given issue. The athletes on the other hand were approached through a focus group and one-on-one interviews. The opinion of these two groups is important to address the gap mentioned above since an agreement must be reached to what extent nanotechnology should be allowed or not. Moreover, this research will focus on Egyptian athletes and fans because Egypt is a developing country and one of the aims of this research is to try to see if developing countries will be able to benefit from nanotechnology in sports rather than developed countries.
The data for the primary research was collected through online surveys with sports fans and one-on-one sessions and focus group with athletes.
Online Survey
This survey was intended for fans of all varieties of sports in different countries. The focus of this survey was the question of whether nanotechnology should be considered technological doping and become banned from sports or not. Data collected from this survey was used to draw conclusions as to whether there is an agreed consensus regarding this issue worldwide amongst sports fans and whether certain countries side in a particular way with the debate and the reasons behind this.
One-on-one sessions and focus group with athletes
In this part of the data collection process I have non-randomly chosen 5 local and professional Egyptian tennis players. I attended a practice session of these players. Firstly I let them play with their own equipment for half of the time and then switch to the nanotechnology equipment, which included balls, strings and turnover grips. Through direct observations I was able to see if there were any significant change in the athletes’ performance. After the athletes finished their test performance, I gathered them for a focus group, where I asked them about their experience. They were able to tell me whether they felt any difference using nanotechnology and to what extent can they see this changing the shape of the sport in the coming years and whether this could improve Egypt’s ranking in tennis if it became applied more extensively. I walked them through the ethical issues of nanotechnology in sports and got their take on the fairness issue. Based on their responses and the discussion that took place I was able to know their opinion on this issue and see if a consensus can be reached on where the line should be drawn – if at all – in nanotechnology’s use in sports.
This research faced two limitations. Firstly the study was limited to nanotechnology’s use in...

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