Nanotechnology And Its Dilemmas Essay

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Likewise, this technology as transform the way scientists are treating patients in that nanoparticles allows medical professionals to perform gene delivery to individuals cells as well as to cancer cells. Gene delivery is basically the introduction of foreign DNA into cells. This technique is usually used in gene therapy in which scientists seek to correct a problem in the body by administering ‘drugs’ on the cellular level. In terms of gene delivery, scientist use nanoparticles to encapsulate the gene of interest that they would like to inject into the damaged or abnormal cells (Prabha, 531). When the gene, with the desired DNA strand, as been encapsulated, the nanoparticles are then ...view middle of the document...

Hyperlipidemia is basically a term used to describe having an excessive amount of lipids or fats in the bloodstream ( This sensor is important because it helps to warn against high cholesterol which can be very harmful to your well-being.
For the innovations produced through the use of nanotechnology for the field of medicine, the applications mentioned have been the main theories or ideas for research in recent years. Rapid progress in the area of nanomedicine has enabled further study into the potential benefits that may arise as a result of these cutting edge and inventive theories. These theories lie in the fields of tissue engineering, body imaging and drug delivery which is similar to gene delivery (Kubinova, et al, 153). In terms of drug delivery, scientists have begun to exploring more aggressively the use of nanotechnology to delivery therapeutic genes to cancer cells in the hopes of stopping or even revering its progress. Most of the research involving cancer research have only passed the animal testing stage but due to the favorable results that are being obtained, a wide variety of clinical applications for humans have been initiated.
The theory behind the use of nanotechnology in cancer research stems from the ability to create minute particles on the nanometer range. Molecules of this range are more readily taken up by the cells and can easily avoid the body’s natural defenses to move through biological barriers (Daloiso, 397). In using nanoparticles in this type of research, scientists endeavor to produce treatments that have a high specificity for a particular target and a lower overall dosage. One way this could be employed in the medical field is through the injection of nanoparticles filled with a DNA strand that has the gene needed to either save the structure or function of the mutated gene causing the disease or by introducing the healthy gene in the cells (Prabha, et al, 530). These techniques have been performed in many cancer researches and have yielded positive results. Some of those results showed that the progression of the cancer was slowed and even reversed in certain instances (Prabha, et al, 536). This is beneficial because scientists are now able to give more targeted treatment which only affects the cancer cells and not the healthy tissues. In addition, this lessens the need for the use of radiation treatment so the body is no longer exposed to the ionizing radiation needed to kill the cancer cells.
Another theory under much research is in the field of tissue engineering. In this area scientists aim to create specialized scaffolds or platforms that are specialized for a distinct purpose and for cellular response (Kubinova, et al, 153). In creating these scaffolds, scientists are seeking to first improve the different cellular responses to certain stimuli and second, to find better ways of loading these scaffolds with drugs or molecules needed for cellular delivery. Dr. Kubinova concludes that the...

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