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Nanotechnology And Medicine Essay

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Nanotechnology and Medicine
The active pursuit of knowledge in nanotechnology could revolutionize the treatment and detection of various diseases in the future. Nanotechnology is the branch of science that focuses on the development of technology at the molecular scale, including the development of instruments that have been applied to many fields, such as the automotive, cosmetic, and fabric industries. In medicine, nanotechnology has already been applied to the treatment of diabetes, the production of prosthetic limbs, and the improvement of life for the paralyzed, and many believe it is also the key to curing cancer and even immortality.
For the majority of the time, disease and illness are caused by damage at the molecular and cellular level. Modern treatments for such diseases promulgate the use of large and rather crude (relative to the cellular level) surgical tools that, at the molecular level, injure and tear rather than heal. Thus, modern surgery is only effective because of the human capacity to recover from injuries, not necessarily because the techniques used are advanced.
With the application of nanotechnology, surgeries performed with crude tools will no longer be the best viable option. Nanotechnology will allow scientists to economically build complex molecular machines- smaller than a human cell- and lead the way in controlled interference at the molecular level, unclogging arteries, killing cancer cells, and providing artificial mitochondrion. Nanotechnology may produce new instruments allowing scientists to examine the human body and its functions in unprecedented detail, where microscopic machines could give views of ongoing bodily functions or views of human structures.
Therefore, I believe that nanotechnology will generate great advances to the medical field in the future. Already, nanotechnology is being used in reducing signs of aging. Laser technology can reduce the appearance of age lines, spots and wrinkles. With more powerful nanotechnology, it is possible that these signs could be completely erased. Instead of having to draw blood to test blood sugar levels, diabetics can use special, nanocomposite contact lenses to indicate blood sugar levels that correspond to various colors.
Currently under development, nanoparticles create a new hope for cancer researchers, who believe that these miniscule particles can deliver chemotherapy drugs directly to cancerous cells, limiting the exposure of healthy cells and reducing the damage to them. Likewise, new possibilities are opened with the development of nanobots. These small robots could be programmed to perform a variety of tasks, impossible for our current technology to perform. One such task is repairing damaged cells, which, due to their incredibly miniscule size, can be very difficult. With nanobots or other type of nanotechnology, this size obstacle can be overcome, and repairing cells- not just replacing them- can be an easy task to accomplish. Nanobots...

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