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Nanotechnology Presents Significant Risk To Health And The Environment

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Matar Rashid Al Salman
Nanotechnology presents significant risk to health and the environment. Discuss.


Nanotechnology is considered a new technology and it has a wide field of applications for example, medicine, industrial, and energy application. Being a new technology we don’t know much of the risks and safety of its applications. In this paper I will be discussing three fields, medicine, industrial, and energy nanotechnology and the potential risks they hold. Because they’re recent, the applications of nanotechnology may concern some people regarding the safety of its usage and the risks it holds to health and the environment.
Nanotechnology is a division of technology, science, and engineering that is conducted at the Nano scale, about less than 100 nanometers. Scientists have been trying through research and experiments, from the start of the nanotechnology invention, to employ it in various fields, since it has a small scale which gives the possibility for more efficiency and less material. The outcome of all the research is that nanotechnology nowadays is involved in many fields like the making of food and consumer good, drug delivery, reduction of energy consumption, and many more.
The field that benefited the most from the usage of nanotechnology is the medicine field. Nanoparticles are used in the delivery of drugs to certain cells; this helps a lot with fighting cancer cells and getting to research them more. Researches to develop drug delivery are continuing and the goals are faster, safer, and more accurate drug targeting. [1] Cell repair is another application of Nanomedicine; Nano robots are programmed to heal specified cells operating in a way such as the human natural procedure. [2] The research to create more medical applications from nanotechnology is ongoing. For instance, research is being made for the implication of nanotechnology in the encouraging of growth of damaged nerve cells like in the spinal cord or the brain. One of the approaches is the use of Nano fibers to restore injured nerve cells. On the whole, we can see that Nanomedicine holds great potential and is developing. [3]
Nanotechnology use in medicine may be revolutionary but it is also double edged like every new technology. Any device can be developed for uses unintended for it, for example, nanoparticles can be developed to attack on the subcellular level instead of repairing, and because of their low cost of production it will surely fall in the wrong hands and be developed to harm. [4] Researches are being made to try to make nanoparticles self-replicate, which will hold great benefits but will also carry risks to the health. [5] Moreover, the reduction of size to the Nano level may be accompanied with change in chemical and physical properties of the nanoparticles leading to a different behavior than larger particles which may lead to toxicity. [6]
Producing substances with innovative and fascinating properties is easier because of the...

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