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Napoleon Bonaparte And Mohandas Gandhi Two Great Leaders

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Some historians view history as a chain of events caused or involving certain extraordinary people. This viewpoint can be supported by examining the impact that leaders have had on their society throughout history. These exceptional individuals led their people in a new direction whether or good or bad. Two leaders who changed the society in which they lived were Napoleon Bonaparte and Mohandas Gandhi. Napoleon was able to lead his country out of civil war and economic crisis into prosperity and glory through warfare. However greedy and power hungry he was, still, should not overshadow the fact that he rejuvenated his country to its former prominence. Gandhi was able to win India’s independence from Great Brittan through non-violent and peaceful tactics. The actions of these two individuals changed their respective societies and world history.
After the French Revolution and numerous failed constitutions a man by the name of Napoleon Bonaparte rose through the ranks of the French Army and declared himself emperor in 1804. The voters supported him since they were in dire need of a strong ruler and for the most part Napoleon was loved by his people. He was not content just to rule France though and set out to conquer all of Europe. He wanted to reassert France as a world power and through his conquests brought economic stability and peace back to his country. Napoleon ultimately was just trying to change his countries economic and political situation while advancing his own personal situation. He accomplished this through his military genius and many epic battles. Napoleon’s impact was not only on his own country, but on the whole world. He brought his society back from turmoil and darkness to a world power still strong today. France would be a third-world country today if not...

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