Napoleon Bonaparte As A Military Leader

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Napoleon Bonaparte as a Military Leader
There have been many successful military leaders throughout history, but no leader has ever conquered the entire world. Napoleon Bonaparte, one of the best leaders of all time, nearly achieved this goal. Although his conquest for power and territory were beneficial to France, it did not have the same effect on Europe. As a self-appointed emperor, Napoleon was known as an extraordinary military field general and an effective reformer. His political policy furthered several reforms of the revolution. Through his wars he expanded the influence of Europe.
In 1802 Napoleon, was vote First Consul of France, then in 1804 he declared himself Emperor. Immediately Napoleon obtained absolute power. His politically backed several reforms that the revolution had started. He presented the idea of splitting France up into sections which helped to end Feudalism. This took away the special privileges and power that nobles and clergy previously had. Napoleon also allowed large amounts if immigrants to repopulate France under strict conditions. Napoleon introduced the Napoleonic code which brought together the primary reforms of the revolution into a single legal system. The Napoleonic Code was his greatest accomplishment in the political arena. It recognized men as equals and granted religious freedom of a broad range of religions, as well as a persons right to work in any occupation that they are capable off. The population of France didn't favor this policy because it put the interests of the state above the single citizen,”The need of the many out way the needs of the few or one.”(Spock) It also revoked some of the laws that protected the rights of women and children. Napoleon believed that the man should be the head of the household and should legally be such. However Napoleon did produce several positive reforms, for example, he implemented a law that made a universal tax which boosted the French economy. His reforms didn't stop there, Napoleon formed a national bank, where taxes were stored and government run schools. Napoleon carefully handled the topic of religion. He...

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