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Napoleon Bonaparte As One Of The Greatest Military Leaders Of All Time

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Napoleon Bonaparte as One of the Greatest Military Leaders of all Time

Napoleon Bonaparte is considered one of the greatest military leaders
of all time. His victories were decisive, powerful and brought
greatness to a suffering France. His military power reigned supreme
for over fifteen years until the drive that got him to where he was
brought him to ruin. The question that I am plagued by is; How was
Napoleon able to win almost every battle so decisively? His forces
were often out numbered and out supplied but some how Napoleon was
still able to defeat the opposing forces. This paper hopes to answer
that question and; Why was his generalship considered to be so
genius? These questions will be answered through extensive research
using reliable sources.

Summary of evidence

Napoleon Bonaparte was born on August 15, 1769, in Ajaccio, Corsica,
and was given the name Napoleone (in French his name became Napoleon
Bonaparte). Through his fatherÂ’s influence, Napoleon was educated at
the expense of King Louis XVI, at Brienne and the École Militaire, in
Paris. Napoleon graduated in 1785, at the age of 16, and joined the
artillery as a second lieutenant.

After the revolution began, he became a lieutenant colonel (1791) in
the Corsican National Guard. In 1793, however, Corsica declared
independence, and Bonaparte, a French patriot and a Republican, fled
to France with his family. He was assigned, as a captain, to an army
besieging Toulon, a naval base that, aided by a British fleet, was in
revolt against the republic. Replacing a wounded artillery general, he
seized ground where his guns could drive the British fleet from the
harbor, and Toulon fell. As a result Bonaparte was promoted to
brigadier general at the age of 24. In 1795 he saved the revolutionary
government by dispersing an insurgent mob in Paris. In 1796 he married
Joséphine de Beauharnais, the widow of an aristocrat guillotined in
the Revolution and the mother of two children.

Also in 1796, Bonaparte was made commander of the French army in Italy.
He defeated four Austrian generals in succession, each with superior
numbers, and forced Austria and its allies to make peace. The Treaty
of Campo Formio; provided that France could keep most of its
conquests. In northern Italy he founded the Cisalpine (Italian)
Republic and strengthened his position in France by sending millions
of francs worth of treasure to the government. In 1798, to strike at
British trade with the East, he led an expedition to Ottoman-ruled
Egypt, which he conquered. His fleet, however, was destroyed by the
British admiral Horatio Nelson, leaving him stranded. Undaunted, he
reformed the Egyptian government and law, abolishing serfdom and
feudalism and guaranteeing basic rights. The French scholars he had
brought with him began the...

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