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Napoleon Bonaparte Biography Essay

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Napoleon Bonaparte was born on August 15th, 1769 to Carlo Buonaparte and Letizia Ramolino. He was born in Ajaccio, Corsica, France. Napoleon had eleven siblings, but only eight survived through their whole life. Around the time Napoleon was born, his birthplace, Ajaccio, was occupied by the French, and the amount of local resistance was growing steadily. After Napoleon’s father showed his support towards the French, he was promoted to assessor of the judicial district of Ajaccio. This was a large accomplishment that allowed him to enroll his sons, Napoleon and Joseph, in France's College d'Autun.
Napoleon soon found himself at the military college of Brienne. He studied there for a total of five years, and then transferred to the military academy located in Paris. Napoleon’s father died of stomach cancer in 1785. After this tragic event, Napoleon felt the need to step up as the head of his family. He graduated early from the academy as the second lieutenant of artillery, and went home to Corsica. Soon after returning, Napoleon sided with the French, and moved his family to France. This is where they assumed the French version of their last name, which was Bonaparte.
With the return to France, came the return to the French military service for Napoleon. He soon became a big fan of the Jacobins, a very well-known political group involved in the French Revolution. Within these eventful years, France has been declared a republic, and King Louis XVI was executed. This lead to the reign Robespierre, his rule was called the “Reign of Terror.” It was a dark period in French history. Many innocent citizens were killed, until the Jacobins were ripped from power, and Robespierre was executed for good. This time period made many good opportunities for rising military leaders like Napoleon.
After getting on the good side of the Directory and saving France from counter-revolutionary forces, Napoleon was named commander of the Army of the Interior and a trustworthy military advisor. In 1796, Napoleon took over the Army of Italy. They were weak and struggling greatly, but with the help of Napoleon they quickly turned around. With his guidance, they won several important victories against the Austrians, helped expand the French borders, and showed Napoleon’s true leadership abilities. As if his image couldn’t look any better, he married Joséphine de Beauharnais. They got married on March 9, 1796.
Napoleon was shortly on the hunt again. This time he would take his army to the Middle East. They will take over Egypt, and disorder English trade routes with India. With all his good intentions, this plan soon went down in flames. In the Battle of the Nile, Napoleon’s forces were destroyed by Horatio Nelson's fleet. This damaged Napoleon’s reputation immensely. This provided many European Countries with new confidence that they could overcome France. Russia, Turkey, Great Britain, and Austria formed a new alliance against France. They defeated France in Italy, which...

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