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Napoleon Bonaparte Helped Usher In An Era Of Democracy In Europe

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It is an indisputable fact that Napoleon Bonaparte greatly changed Europe. It is my position that he was a hero, and changed it for the better. Although I certainly do not agree with some of the methods that he brought about this change, I still agree with the change he wrought. Through him, the era of democracy was ushered in. He helped bring back a basic human right, being that all men are created equal. Nationalism was sparked, feudalism was overthrown, and Europe was modernized. Napoleon changed Europe, and it was a change for the good.
Napoleon Bonaparte was a dictator, so you may wonder why I say he helped usher in the era of democracy. Although the people did not vote for him, through conquering nations he spread the French culture, and with that, the ideas of the French Revolution. The people of the nations in Europe saw that they could revolt, like France, and create a democratic government in their country. He saw the faults with aristocracy, and knew that it was bound to fall. We can see that he hardly wasn’t even fighting for land with the example of Russia. He was not content to take the land, he wanted the Tsar, and his position. This is what lead to his downfall, but we see his true purposes through it. He was in it not to expand borders, but to overthrow aristocracies. He showed the people an example. An example that they too could overthrow the government.
One must wonder if perhaps without Napoleon, the nations of Europe would still be feudal today, and undemocratic. Or perhaps the nations would have risen up on their own, seeing the example of France. Who knows what the results of this could have been. One comment on a story I read while researching had the following excerpt. “Change is always accompanied with pain.” The rich aristocrats would have never given up there spot in society willingly. Lives would have undoubtedly been required for change in the...

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