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Mr. Jones vs. NapoleonIn the novel, Animal Farm, George Orwell portrays the reality of the RussianRevolution and the outcome of Stalin’s communism as animals on ManorFarm. George Orwell explains how the revolution and communism was a failure and whyit was corrupted by using animals on Manor Farm.
Before the Russian Revolution in Russia, everyone was ruledunder a Tsar. The Tsar was the main man who exercised the government with hisministers (Troyer, 4 April. 2008). If the Tsar died, the whole Kingdom would be given tothe next heir. Since the Tsar made up the rules, the Russians weren’t allowed to have freepress or expression. If the people, in any matter stood up against the government, theywould be tracked down by Stalin’s secret police. Because the Tsar had all the power, hecould do what he pleased. This is why the Tsar collapsed. He always twisted the rules sothat he can have his ways first. Before the Russian Revolution, the government that wasestablished was corrupted and inefficient (Troyer). Karl Marx came up with the idea thatif we all work together to provide for each ones needs, there wouldn’t be any misery inthe country, everyone would work. After the Russian Revolution, the Russians set this upas there government. However, this was not the case. If one did his job poorly, thegovernment could not fire you based on your performance (Troyer, 8 April. 2008). Itwould be said that everyone is equal after the Revolution. However, when no one wasaloud to have luxuries because you could only have what you need to survive, Stalin andhis advisors kept the best luxuries for there pleaser that they didn’t need. This kept all thelower class people equal from the high class. Stalin hypnotized the Russian comradesordering them to stop waiting for a revolution and just proceed with socialism (Troyer, 8April. 2008).
George Orwell correlates the Tsar’s government to the animals on Manor Farmagainst Mr. Jones. Mr. Jones who was the representative and owner of Manor Farm wasunjust to the animals as the Tsar to his people. Because of Mr. Jones lack ofresponsibility around the farm, he only provided for himself, just as the Tsar with thepeasants’ (p.250. He used the hard work from his animals for his own need and interests,letting the animals nearly starve to death just like the Tsar against his peasants (p.38).
One day when Mr., Jones was to drunk to think feed the livestock, the animals surprisedattack him and his Workers. The animals managed to pull a surprise attack on him andhis wife (p. 39). When the animals found themselves with the farm in there control andseeing that there was no one to demand them to work, the animals quickly changed thename from Manor Farm to Animal Farm. Afterwards there were seven commandmentsthat were establishes to keep the animals managed on Animal Farm. These rules were tobe unalterable by which all the animals on Animal Farm must live by (p.42). All thesecommandments were shortened from the principles of animalism. Napoleon...

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