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Although Napoleon had his negative effects, his overall performance in rising to power, making social reforms, and creating a legacy all had a positive effect on France and Europe. Napoleon proved himself to be a strong leader of France despite some the negative things that happened. During his time Napoleon took France out of the so called “dark ages” which proved him to be a great leader in the end.
On his rise to power Napoleon took it upon himself to make sure that the old government system called the directory was taken out because overall that system was doing no good to the already broken country.This taking out of the directory become known as a coup d’ etat. Napoleon quickly went ...view middle of the document...

prices in France were controlled, and the code strengthened the central government. When it came to religion Napoleon had made an agreement with the Pope in 1801 so that catholicism became the official religion in France and that ended the fight with the catholic church. Napoleon then made the Bank of France for the people which added on to the many positive things he was already doing. While making a better economy and fixing religion Napoleon made sure that education was highly supported by making public schools and to add on any one could get an education, nothing mattered like class or religion. Napoleon always made an effort for his people which is important to look at because not many leaders did that, yes some people can’t look past the negative things that happen but those who do see what he did changed France for the better.
Good or bad Napoleon 100 percent created himself a legacy that will be remembered today. Unlike most leaders Napoleon wanted his people to be cared for, now he may have not loved them but he definitely didn’t hate them. Creating things like banks, schools, establishing religion, and government only made...

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887 words - 4 pages Napoleon         Surely one of the largest empires ever established was Napoleon's. In just thirteen years Napoleon had expanded the boarders of France to include most of Europe. What factors enabled him to create such a vast empire? No single trait or event can explain this, but rather a combination of being the right person in the right place at the right time gave Napoleon his opportunity.         Napoleon had a military

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