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Napoleon Perdis Managing People And Organisations

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Napoleon Perdis is the creator of a line of women’s cosmetics, aptly named after him, allowing women of all ages the opportunity to enhance their natural beauty and best facial features through a selection of colour cosmetics. Today, Napoleon Perdis is a respected, international cosmetics brand, with Napoleon’s makeup artistry skills hired for use on fashion shows and film projects, both in Australia and internationally.
The success of the Napoleon Perdis brand did not happen overnight. Having completed a Political science degree, majoring in business law and marketing management, and with a $30 000 loan from his father, Napoleon opened his first cosmetics store and make up Academy in 1995 on Oxford Street, Paddington. It is through his ability to connect with customers that the business grew so rapidly.
The success of the business today is most effectively demonstrated by the number of Napoleon Perdis concept stores across Australia and New Zealand, 59, and the additional 800 locations which his products are available from, increasing the worth of the Napoleon Perdis brand to $81 million (BRW 2007). In addition to this, the Napoleon Perdis makeup academy has grown from holding 12 to 3,000 students.
The Napoleon Perdis product range includes cosmetics and applicator tools for face, eyes, lips, body and nails, ranging from $5 for an eye pencil sharpener, to $400 for a silver makeup case. The Academy provides both Certificate and Diploma courses for students in Australia and America wanting to learn the skills of makeup artistry.
The Napoleon Perdis cosmetic range is designed to appeal to women of all ages and ethnicities due to the versatile colour range, including 9 different shades of foundation, designed to suit women of all skin types. Generally, the target market for Napoleon Perdis cosmetics is young, image conscious females aged 18-30, with a disposable income to spend on pampering, quality cosmetics. This is evident from the higher price point, at $40 for foundation, as well as in the brands newest promotional campaign, featuring Alice Burdeu, from Australia’s Next Top Model, which is likely to appeal to a younger demographic who would be fans of the television series. The brand’s targeted appeal towards a younger female demographic is also evident in the youthful packaging, which is characterised by a butterfly symbol, and the media events which Napoleon is involved in, including the Movie Extra FilmInk Awards and the Emmy Awards.
The Napoleon Perdis brand, which belongs to the makeup industry, does not specifically target women in any particular geographic area, as the products are available in David Jones stores across Australia, which are accessible to the average consumer.
Values are defined as ‘Principles held by people they deem to be important in guiding their behavior’ (Clegg, Kornberger & Pitsis 2005). Values are important because they give us something to strive for and something to measure our behavior by.
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