Napoleon's Downfall Essay

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Napoleon's Empire Collapses

Napoleon was born on August the 15th, 1769 in Corsica. He was the second son of Carlo Buonaparte and Letizia Ramolino, and he was given the unusual name "Napoleon", because of the floor mat on which he was born, this depicted the heroes of Homeros. Although there is no specific date, Napoleon soon changes his last name from Buonaparte to Bonaparte. I suspect that he wanted no family ties to hold him back from his dreams. His family was not very prosperous, but Napoleon was very ambitious and desired success.

Napoleon was educated at three different schools: briefly at Autun, for five years at the military college of Brienne, and finally for one year at the military academy in Paris. It was during his year in Paris that his father died of stomach cancer in February 1785, leaving his family of strained circumstances. He assumes the position of head of the family before he was 16. In September he graduated from the military academy. That's where his career began.

In 1795 he was given an opportunity of a lifetime. He defended the delegates against royalist rebels. He used his artillery tactics to overtake the royalist. They were bewildered and defeated. He was then appointed head artillery master of the French army. He led them to important victories against the king of Austria and Sardinia. He was defeated by Egypt forces soon after. Everything he did was a tactical move. For example, he married Josephine for her connections with wealthy leaders. That is how he was put in charge of the military on November 9, 1799. He then...

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