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Napoleon's Return To France Essay

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Napoleon returned to home to France with only about 10% of his Army still alive. He lost most of his soldiers during the Great White Death, which is one of the largest French disasters to date. Since all the coalition allies knew he was in trouble, they decided to follow him and take him out while he was down and burned out. This is when he decided to give himself up and be exiled to Elba with 1000 guards. Before he left though, he promised his men that he, “… would return when the flowers bloomed.” And that was a promise that Napoleon kept.
When he returned to France he came face to face with Marshal Nay but as an enemy and not a friend. Marshal Nay had started working for the new King of France, King Louis XVIII and built one of the finest military forces called The Men of The Fifth(who was mostly made out of once Napoleon supporters). Nay told the King that he would go get Napoleon and bring him back in a cage. Nay meet Napoleon at Grenoble with Nay’s Men of the Fifth. Even though the men of the Fifth were there to take Napoleon back to King Louis XVIII, they fell at Napoleon’s feet and welcomed back their Emperor. Marshal Nay wanted to surrender by throwing his sword down but, Napoleon told him that he would need all his good generals around him as they marched toward Brussels. After hearing of his soldiers going back to Napoleon, Louis XVIII got out of France fast, which wasn’t easy seeing as he was so big.
On their march to Brussels, Napoleon, Nay, and Grouchy fought Blucher, who was from Prussa, at the battle of Ligny. They believed that they won but what they didn’t know at the time was that Blucher pulled back on purpose. Napoleon did notice how well Blucher fought though and wanted to keep an eye on him, so he told Grouchy to keep his sword in Blucher’s back. The next encounter was battle there was the Battle of Quarte Bra, which means for arms. This battle was fought against Duke of Wellington, who also deliberately lose making Napoleon believe he had also won that battle, when in fact he was being set into a very bad trap. Both of those battles where lost so they could draw Napoleon to where they wanted him. Unfortunately, for Napoleon there was two days of rain that mad this particular area very muddy. Napoleons forces where divided since Grouchy was keeping a close eye on Blucher. If only they would have known that he should have stayed with Napoleon they would have won Waterloo instead it was a drawn out battle that caused a lot of bloodshed on La Belle Alliance Ridge.
Waterloo didn’t get started till 11:35 am because the ground was too muddy to get his cannons into place. Once he did get his cannons into place he decided he wanted to take Hougomont. Hougomont became a huge headache to Napoleon because he would constantly try to take it and never did during the entire battle. Picton ordered Major General William Ponsoby, who led the Scots Grays, to attack the French. Every English boy would have wanted to be one of those...

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