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Napster And Mp3s On The Internet

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Basketball is the only major sport in America that is strictly of U.S. origin. Basketball was invented by James Naismith, a physical education instructor at a YMCA in Springfield, MA. Naismith invented basketball to relieve the boredom of indoor activities such as calisthenics and gymnastic activities which his class detested. The first basketball game has nine players to a team and used a soccer ball as the first basketball. Since this first game basketball has evolved into one of the world's most popular games with some of the world's most recognizable and popular athletes.

The indoor winter program at the YMCA consisted of calisthenics and gymnastics, which bored the students tremendously. In fact there were so many student complainants that two other physical education instructors at the Springfield YMCA quit rather than deal with the problems. James Naismith, a thirty-one year old physical education instructor at the YMCA decided to devise a game to relieve this boredom. First he devised a game that was a cross between soccer, lacrosse, and football, however the game was too rough to play indoors. Then Naismith became intrigued when he saw rugby players throwing their rugby ball into a box suspended off of the gym floor. Naismith went back to the YMCA and asked the janitor, Pops Stebbins, to suspend two boxes, one at either end of the gym, from the railing of the balcony which was ten feet high. Pops Stebbins was not able to find two boxes so he hung two peach baskets on the balcony railing instead. Naismith then posted thirteen simple rules which embodied five basic principles that still govern today's game. These principles were: to use a ball, large, light and handled with the hands, no running with the ball , no player shall be restricted from getting the ball at any time, both teams are to occupy the same area but there is to be no physical contact, and the goal shall be horizontal and elevated. After reading the rules, Naismith's physical education class of eighteen students was split up into two teams of nine and started playing. The game went on for a while with no score until William R. Chase made a shot from the middle of the gymnasium and the game ended with a 1-0 score. The students loved the new game, so Naismith asked them to help him name it. The first suggestion was "Naismith ball" but this was quickly rejected by Naismith. Then a student named Frank Mahon suggested the name "Basket ball" which has stuck ever since.

News of the new game spread quickly. Naismith quickly received many letters from various groups and associations asking for the rules of basketball. Due to the number of letters received Naismith published the rules in the Springfield YMCA newspaper the Triangle. The game quickly spread to other YMCAs all over the country. Soon crowds started showing up to watch basketball in Naismith's classes. So on February 12, 1892 Naismith staged a boys basketball game for the...

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