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Narative Essay

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Once upon a time there was a boy named Devin he like to help around the neighborhood one day he was mowing the lawn of nice hot summer day when his friend Riley was out riding his bike he stopped and talk to Devin.
Devin said, “ Hey Riley do you want to come and help I will give you five bucks.”
Riley said, “ Yes I would like to help but I can't be here long got to help my papa”
Then when the time came for Riley to leave Tanner gave him his five bucks and waved goodbye as the day went on Devin was close to the end of what he was doing when his mom came in and told him that it was time for supper.
Devin said, “ What are we having for supper ”.
Mom said, “ We are having spaghetti and ...view middle of the document...

Then by the time the fire died out they were too tired to make it to their room. Riley ask his mom if they could sleep on the deck in sleeping bags his mom said yes and so they sat there and looked up at the stars until they fell asleep. When they woke up they felt very replenished and ready to start the day after breakfast they got on there bikes and rode around the block for a couple of minutes when they were done it was time for Devin to go home.
When Devin got home he went to his room and put away his dirty clothes and his games. Then by then it was time for lunch when he got down the stairs he saw that his food was already on the table and so he sat down and ate when he was done he put his plate in the dishwasher and washed the dishes. Then his mom came in and saw what he was doing and said.
Mom said, “ Thanks for doing the dishes Devin it saves me a lot of work”
Devin said, “ No problem its the least I could do”.
So he went on doing the dishes by the time he was done it was time to go to the store and get some food for supper when they...

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