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Narcotic Vs. Medicine Essay

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Throughout history, substances have been both prohibited and celebrated . During the Prohibition, which began in 1920 and lasted until 1933, alcohol was banned across the country. While the sale, distribution, and production of alcohol has been reinstated since then, other substances have been making headlines about their legality. Marijuana, or known by its scientific name, cannabis, is plant that is categorized as a psychoactive drug . While it is an illegal drug, according to the DEA, it has begun to be used medically; sparking controversy weather it is a narcotic or medicine and the pros and cons of both. Thesis Statement?
As of now, there are twenty states in the United States that allow some sort of marijuana usage. From these states only two, Colorado and Washington, allow the usage of recreational marijuana while the rest allow for only medical usage. The rest of the country considers possession and sale of the Cannabis plant to be illegal, which has landed many people in prison. But what is so special about this plant and why has it become a 21st century phenomenon?
The Cannabis plant originates from Central and South Asia; it is a psychoactive drug that acts upon the central nervous system, affecting the brain’s function; an almost similar definition to that of a narcotic , “a drug or other substance affecting the mood or behavior and sold for nonmedical purposes, especially an illegal one.” The plant’s principal chemical is THC, which is responsible for most the drugs psychological effects. While marijuana is illegal in almost every state as recreational use, it has been widely referred to as a narcotic. Marijuana is a narcotic classified as a psychoactive drug that plays with the mind, altering the perception, mood, consciousness, cognition and behavior of an individual. While many marijuana users smoke the plant’s dried stems, leaves, flowers and seeds as a recreational experience, the changed state of mind that marijuana drives on its users have caused many officials to find the drug unsafe. Peculiarly , the drug is most famous among teenagers and young adults, although it is widely smoked by a diverse group of people. The concern lies within this young age group because of the risks and endangerment they are putting themselves and others in while under the influence of this drug. Cannabis is a narcotic because it can cause someone to act differently than they would normally do if sober. However, alcohol also causes individuals to make poor decisions and judgment calls as well, yet it legal for anyone twenty-one and older.
A narcotic is not only known to be illegal but also harmful. Marijuana, also known as weed, causes an individual to have a rapid heartbeat, disorientation, lack of physical coordination often followed by depression or sleepiness. Many have heard of the marijuana “munchies,” a craving for sweets and food after smoking the plant. But marijuana doesn’t deliver an all fun worry-free experience. According to the...

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