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Narcotics Anonymous And The Victims Of Substance Abuse

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Narcotics Anonymous and the Victims of Substance Abuse
It is thought that addiction could develop through genetics or it could be learned behavior during childhood. Addiction can be learned through role modeling and a lack of nurturing in the home. This paves the way for a lifetime of maladaptive coping skills and destructive relationships, as well as substance abuse.
Substance abuse is considered a chronic illness that has a physical and psychological control over the abuser. It is important to remember that the abuser is human and did not start using in search of pleasure but in search of a release. A release from the stresses of everyday life. Whether it is an escape from a bad day at school/work or escaping from the memories of being sexually abused as a child. Either way the end is the same, a lifetime of fighting the demons of addiction.
To help victims of substance abuse overcome their addiction, they need to focus on the underlying cause. One main risk factor for becoming an addict is a previous diagnosis of a psychological disorder. Psychological problems like depression, anxiety, attention deficit disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder are the more common disorders directly related to substance abuse. Other risk factors include family history of addiction, being male, peer pressure, and a lack of attachment to family.
Addiction can be treated many ways including inpatient/outpatient programs, pharmacological treatments or a combination of both. Before the treatment process can begin, the abuser needs to first recognize their illness and they need to truly want to discontinue their current lifestyle. Regardless of which treatment the client chooses, daily group meetings are crucial for the individuals sobriety, especially within the first 90 days. Narcotics anonymous is a non-profit organization that helps people stay clean by providing a place to go and talk about every day obstacles.


Narcotics Anonymous was created for individuals that feel the desperation from drug addiction. The program allows members to share their past and present experiences with the hope that the members realize they are not alone in their daily fight. A client reflecting back on their difficult and painful past may help others realize they are not alone. Sharing can also help the clients understand that their behavior was a function of addiction, not their personal character. Ultimately the purpose of narcotics anonymous meetings is to assist the member in their recovery process and to stay clean.
In a typical meeting, they usually start off by reading aloud literature written by current members of Narcotics Anonymous. Then they begin to share one person at a time and without others interrupting. Occasionally the group leader will schedule a single speaker to talk with the members during this time. There are also common needs meetings which...

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