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Narnia: The Characters And Beyond Essay

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Right from the start of the book, Lucy has displayed many traits that named her to be a kind and caring girl. Even though she was the youngest of the family she still was the one who was the most caring and respectful. An example was after meeting Mr. Tumnus the White Witch captured the poor faun because he betrayed her by not giving Lucy to her. Mr. Tumnus risked his life in order for the protection and safety of a girl he hardly knew. When he revealed that he actually was supposed to give her to the queen, Lucy replied, “ No, I am sure you wouldn’t do any of that.” ( page 17) This shows how she sees the good in people no matter what they do. It also reveals that she believes in second ...view middle of the document...

You cannot declare someone to be safe without getting the chance to see what they’ve done or said. Another instance where Lucy proved to be very naive or immature was on page 188. After saving the people including Mr.Tumnus from the White Witch’s castle, Susan, Aslan, and Lucy found Edmund to be injured. She gave him three drops from her magical cordial, and waited for him to heal. Healing an injury is a long time process that requires lots of patience. However, Lucy expected her brother to be back up on his feet again and fighting within seconds. She did not realize that healing an injury will require more than just a few seconds. This represents impatience, which is a common trait among many young kids or students. Even though Lucy is as sweet as honey, she displays immaturity many times throughout the story.

Edmund is the second youngest of the Pevensie crew, and is also one of the main characters along with Lucy. In the beginning Edmund might have come off of a very selfish boy, however he morphs into a righteous young person. An example is when he agrees to trick his siblings into going to the castle to meet the White Witch for candy. However along the way he reflects on what he promised to the queen. After leaving the castle he meets Lucy, who asked, “ Edmund, do you feel alright.” However he responds, “ I am alright,” however it was revealed that he was very sick.( page 42) This shows how Edmund realizes what is wrong and as soon as he feels the sick feeling as soon as figures out what he did was wrong. This shows how he is righteous by understanding what he did was wrong. And soon, he fights against the White Witch and her army. After Aslan, Susan, and Lucy return from the capital, they find Edmund injured. On page 187 Peter told them, “ It was all Edmund’s doing. We would’ve been beaten if it weren’t for him. The Witch was turning our troops into stone left and right. But nothing would stop him. When he had reached her, he had the sense to bring his sword smashing down on her wand instead of going for her directly. Even though this shows how brave Edmund was, it also shows how he risked his life in order to restore the power to Aslan. He risked his own life, he could’ve been turned to stone but still he went on fighting until he was down. By the end of the book, Edmund morphed into a selfish person to a righteous person.

Mostly throughout the middle and at the end of the story, Edmund behaves very brave and really lionhearted. At the end of the story, when Edmund was fighting against the witch and her army, he fought and ended up being injured. “ We would’ve been beaten if it weren’t for him. When he had reached her, he had the sense to bring his sword smashing down on her wand instead of going for her directly.” (page 187) This quote really proves how brave and determined Edmund was. He knew that he could’ve died fighting or been turned into stone yet he still continued on. However he still risked his life to his team and...

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