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Being considered as a “Well-educated” person is a topic that has been debated on several occasions by
friends and family. There are a few in this debate who considered themselves very well-educated because of
great financial success, another because of having many degrees. I find that the attitudes of people can make or
break a person regardless of who they are or how much they have gained financially. The truth is it does not
matter what a person may have in life, if ignorance precedes them, there is no way that this title is
applicable. There are societies that believe the importance of being educated is by education status, academic
goals, and a particular social status that has some degree of class or stature. For some people, social status can
be about how many friends that are on social media, how many pictures they have, how much money is in a
bank account, or what car they drive. Others define social status by joining social clubs, pageants, or
community groups. The level of a good education status is hard to define and instead of defining what this
means, why not ask about the purposes of education. Used as well are paradox statements to contradict the truth
about people and how they can be seemingly smart but yet not have a clue about the most simple things.
The quality of education is being evaluated on what a student should know or be able to do to be considered as
well-educated. The question of whether or not people seriously argue about this subject today is compared to
whether people argued about this in the first century. I would like to think that education was important then as
it is now. The skepticism may favor or be defensible depending on the subject matter but there must also be an
acknowledgement of the absence of consensus term meaning.
Economics is an important part of the economy and many use this term to determine the value of worth in
economic situations because of what is given monetarily. Intelligence potential and tests scores are also used to
determine the level of an educated person based on high scores that overestimate talents or giftedness. This is
usually done by teachers who can instantly name students that are talented thinkers but do not do well on
exams. The analogy is that a person is not more intelligent for having a single sentence worth of knowledge
compared to someone that has to look them up. Memorizing facts, list of words, names, books and ideas is a
poor judgment of what well-educated is about. This sounds a lot like the traditional teaching that is different
from differentiated teaching.
I would say that the attributes that make a well-educated person consist of great leadership skills, humble

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