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Narrative Critique Of A Qualitative Research Study

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The study outlined in the article is well organized in its major parts, including introduction, literature review, methodology, results, and discussions. The introduction provides the research question and purpose, while the remaining parts provide sufficient data to help in justifying the hypothesis and rationale of the study.
The introduction of the article explains all the important aspects of the study; the study is about using the bona fide group aspect to examine leadership. The introduction also explicitly indicates the aim of the study, which is to investigate the leadership process and success from a bona fide group’s perspective (Galanes, 2003, p. 742).
The literature review of the article by Galanes (2003) is well organized with different subheadings such as “What Do Leaders Do” (743), “Self Monitoring” (746) and “What Do Leaders Think” (747). The subheadings enabled the researcher to explain the major aspects of leadership exhaustively. The review examines studies and literatures, such as LaFasto and Larson (2001) and Bowman (1997), which support the purpose of the current study (Galanes, 2003, p. 744). All the references are properly analyzed to provide relevant information about the topic of the study. Although some of the articles referenced in the review are old, they are relevant to the topic of research and support the purpose of the study.
The study employs the interview method as the research design for collecting data to support the research purpose (Galanes, 2003, p. 749). The interview methodology was selected as the most suitable research design for the study, as it would enable the researcher to obtain reliable and valid qualitative data from the participants. The study describes the participants in detail and provides sufficient reasons explaining why the participants were chosen for the research. The participants consisted of 23 excellent leaders of small groups who had a good reputation among their peers and were recruited through purposive sampling,...

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