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Narrative Essay

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"Two weeks ago my dog Maya disappeared," I told my cousin Reena, in the kitchen during one of her monthly visits.

"How did she run away?" Reena, asked with a puzzled face.

"It was a hot summer night and the back door was left open because my Dad was taking out the trash" , I replied. I waited for her to respond but she waited for me to continue. I went on to say " you know he has a bad heart and has been slower lately so the door was left open for quite a while. Since it was so late no one noticed until the next day when we called her and she never came. I looked around I checked her dog bed, her favorite places to play hide n go seek, but she was nowhere to be found".

"Oh No, did you ever find her. . . . Is she okay?" Reena asked reaching out for my hand and leaning closer supportively.

We went through a lot looking for Maya, but Eventually we gave up I said, "sit down let me tell you."

I went to the kitchen to make her some tea and fix a tray of cookies. As I was fixing it I began to tell her my story. "Like I said, we couldn't find her the next morning so I asked my Dad "when was the last time you saw her?"

He said "Last night, sweety. I must have left the back door open. Don't worry sweetheart she couldn't have gotten too far." My Dad tried to comfort me by giving me a hug. Then he walked over to the closet to get his jacket and car keys.

"Are we going to go look for her, Daddy?" He nodded, and yelled upstairs to my Mom that we were going to go look for Maya. I don't know if he looked so concerned because he was worried about Maya's welfare or because he felt responsible for losing her. Maya was a Christmas present given to me last year by my boyfriend. As we drove down the street I rolled down the window and yelled out "Maya, Maya, where are you?" We drove around the whole neighborhood asking our neighbors if...

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