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Narrative Essay: The Switch

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"Mom Mom Mom, please tell us a bedtime story!", Connor begged excitedly.
"It is getting late guys, I am not so sure", reasoned the mom.
"Ughhhh but you promised last night you would tell us one tonight!", whined Ali.
The mom finally gave in and pulled up a chair. The children got quiet fast and huddled together under the covers in anticipation. The mom took a deep breath knowing that the kids would have a hard time processing the story that was about to be told.
"I was seventeen about to turn eighteen graduating in a month when my life completely flipped upside down", the mom began.
"MOM! we do not want to hear some boring, silly story about you!" protested six year old Connor.
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She was supposed to be my best friend and always be here for me, but she was not. From that moment there, I strongly despised her beautiful blonde hair and pretty blue eyes. She was always the prettier one, the one guys always liked better. The athlete swimmer with pale skin, which did not make sense to anyone because she swam in the sun every day!" The mom giggled at her own comment.
She continued "I would get so jealous of everything between us, I finally learned to except it though, but only as I got older. I buried all my feelings of jealousy for the friendships sake, but all at once they just flowed out of my mouth. I remember it all like it was yesterday. We were in the strange bathroom painted pink that had always wreaked of mold. I had tears running down my face and insult after insult being spat out of my mouth. I still can not count the number of times she tried to apologize, but she had hurt me like I had never been hurt before. I could never be friends with her again. Because of this, our once huge group of friends began to split apart. The girls I was closest to - the ones on the cheer team - stayed with me. The others grouped with Emma instead. It was not like how the movies portrayed it to be with the two rival groups always looking to get the other girls in trouble. We could tolerate each other . . . when we had to. For the most part we just stayed out of each others lives. The awkward thing was when Emma and I had a class together and we were assigned as partners. Actually this only happened once, but we could not agree on anything. I think she was doing this just to mess with me. Kind of like what Conner does to you Ali!” The Mom exclaimed.
“That’s not what I do!” Protested Conner.
"It is too!!", Ali started, "it makes me.."
The mom cut Ali off quickly "if you two want to fight then I will just never finish my story."
Both kids protested quickly hinting the mom to go on with the story.
In Connor’s blue capacious room covered in sailboats the kids sat quietly waiting. The light blue lamp began to flicker and the family cat, Misty, snuck into the room to join the storytelling. The suspense quickly rose in the room.
“I was graduating in twenty-one days and leaving for college in seventy-one. I was ready to leave high school and all of the drama that was intertwined with it. Little did I know, the drama had just begun.
Turning the key in the ignition, I started my car on that fateful Tuesday when I received an unexpected call from my mom.She notified me that I needed to report home immediately for some very important news and to be prepared because Emma would be there also. On that drive home I had a million thoughts running through my head. Had someone died? Was there an accident? Why in the world was Emma involved? I mean I knew our moms were best friends and she was devastated when she found out our friendship was over, but what if she wanted us to become...

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