Narrative Essays: Hanging Out

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Hanging Out
That Saturday morning was sunny and bright as Kimberly stepped outside for a morning walk. She didn't run every day, and this day was one of those days. She always enjoyed the early morning as everything is fresh and the air smelled like forest leaves. She took a sip of coffee from her travel mug and headed out. It was her time to think and plan her day. But planning her day that day proved difficult as she couldn’t get what’s been happening in the Oakwood Forest out of her mind. But until Honeysuckle goes into labor there was not much for her or anyone to do. She had to wait.
Lucinda got up early as she normally did. She got dressed and peeked in Jackie’s room (still asleep as usual) and then went downstairs. She fixed a bowl of cereal and went to the back porch to sit and eat. When she stepped out on the porch she found her dad already there strumming his guitar. He paused when Lucinda came out.
“You’re up early, dad,” said Lucinda.
“Couldn’t sleep,” he said.
“I know what you mean,” said Lucinda, ”It took me a while to fall asleep last night. Too much is happening. Too much incredible stuff.”
Steve started strumming again. He used to play guitar in a band before going to medical school. He played guitar and was the lead vocalist. He taught himself to play when he was in high school and became a very good musician. But ever since becoming a doctor he just played to relax.
“Sing me a song, dad,” asked Lucinda.
“Hmmm. Let me think,” said her dad. “Okay, this one I wrote several years ago, but no one has ever heard it because I didn’t want everyone in the house laughing at me! … Let me think for a moment how it goes …
Okay, this one is called:

Frog Songs
In the rain in the mud was a frog,
In the mud by the frog was a log.
The frog sat beside it,
The rain sprinkled quiet,
But I couldn’t see much for the fog.

In my chair on the porch I could hear,
The frog croak out his song - it was clear.
And I laughed as I sat,
‘cause I had to try that,
And I’ll sing my frog song every year!

Lucinda said, “Dad! That is the cutest song I ever heard! You really need to let mom and Jackie hear it.”
Her dad said, “Well, maybe. Now that you’ve heard it I’ll probably have to sing it again!"
After finishing her breakfast Lucinda went back into the kitchen just as her mom was coming in the front door. “That was a short walk, mom.”
“Yes,” she said. “Could not for the life of me concentrate on anything with Honeysuckle on my mind. I hope everything is still alright.”
“I’m sure it is mom, or we would have been contacted.”
“Yes, I suppose you’re right,” said Kimberly.
“Mom, I talked with Ambur yesterday about Frances. He knows about her and so does Honeysuckle … they told me it was okay to tell her about this whole thing and they want to meet her.”
“Lucinda,” her mom started, “you know Ambur didn’t want anyone else to know about them.”
“Mom, I would never do that to Ambur, I asked him first. I asked him how could I keep a secret like...

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