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Narrative: Improving The Teaching Learning Process

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I have been a second language teacher for more than twenty years and have taught students of all
ages in public and private schools as well as private lessons, despite I have never had formal
teaching education, as professor MacBeath says in lecture 1, ‘I understand already a great deal
about the nature of learning and the nature of teaching’. I have been teaching business people for
almost two years. All along no colleague or education authority has evaluated my teaching
performance, it is for this reason that I decided to enroll in this course; to learn more, to analyze
and review what I have been doing, to obtain support, feedback and interchange ideas in order to
become a better ...view middle of the document...

Equally, on one hand my students have the necessity of learning the language to be able to
communicate and interact with their coworkers and to climb the corporate ladder but on the
other hand, they have neither the time nor the energy to study the language, which reminds me
about ‘the tyranny of the urgent’ Charles Hummel. Urgent and important seems to be the slogan
of the areas I work for, administration, finance, taxes and purchasing, they ought to meet
deadlines therefore classes are frequently postpone and for this reason teaching and learning
improvement and achievement have turned an impossible mission.
What should I do? What modifications have to be done to the curriculum to be adequate for
effective teaching-learning under all of the above circumstances? How can I help my students to
overcome pressure and lack of time? When would it be the best moment for them to learn in the busy agenda they have? How can I help them to become independent learners? Am I a good
I know that I am a good teacher because when I watch lecture 3.1 and read in the slide the traits
of a good teacher I could check many of them according to the comments I have received from
some of my students, parents and principals in the past and now. I was born with a gift. I have
passion for teaching. I cannot imagine myself doing something else.
Unfortunately, students, institutions and even teachers are generally disappointed and frustrated
when being evaluated. It would never be fair to assess someone’s performance through a test that

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