Narrative Report: Experimental Mentor Cavite State University Essay

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Narrative Report for Experimental Mentoring
Rhea P. Dini-ay
Bs Psychology – 3A
Mrs. Mary Grace Descarga
May 16, 2017
The University has its humble beginning in 1906, as the Indang Intermediate School with the American “Thomasites” as the first teachers. Several transformations in the name of the school took place. In 1918 - Indang Farm School, in 1927 – Indang Rural High school and then to Don Severino de las Alas who was then the Secretary of interior in the Aguinaldo revolutionary government. Don Severino donated a tract of land for use as field laboratory by the school.
In 1964, the school was converted into a State College by virtue of Republic Act No. 3917and become known as Don Severino Agricultural College.
In the beginning of its establishment as a State College, the only program offering was baccalaureate degree in agriculture including the teacher – training program in agricultural education. However due to the demands of the parents and in answer to the challenges of Project CALABARZON, major program units such as Arts and Sciences, Education and Engineering were created in addition to the school of Agriculture in 1992.
In 1993, in recognition of its achievements and potentials, College was designated by the Department of Education, Culture, and Sports (DECS) as the Regional College of Agriculture (RCA) for the Southern Tagalog Region. Being the RCA, DSAC is mandated to assist the Provincial Technical Institutes of Agriculture (PTIA) in the region in the improvements of the curriculum and instructional programs, practical, and applied researches, the training of PTIA staff and to lead in the production of instructional materials.
On January 22, 1998, by virtue of Republic Act No. 8468, DSAC was converted into Cavite State University (CVSU). Two years later, the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) designated the university as Center of Development in Agriculture and Agricultural Engineering and in 2009, the Veterinary Medicine.
In the year of 2001, the University had four other campuses. Cavite College of fisheries (CACOF) in Naic, Cavite and Cavite College of Arts and Trade (CCAT) in Rosario, Cavite were integrated to the University by virtue Memo No. 27, s. 2000. Cavite City Campus was established and started offering courses in the first semester of SY 2001-2002. Finally Carmona Campus was established through memorandum of agreement signed on 10 December 2001 to commence offering of courses on the First Semester of 2002-2003.
In first semester, SY 2003-2004, CVSU opened a branch campus in Imus Cavite. The Trece Martires Campus was established through Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) signed on May 18, 2005 to start offering of courses on the first semester SY 2005-2006. In first semester SY 2006-2007, CVSU opened a branch campus in Silang, Cavite. In addition, the Tanza Campus and the Bacoor Campus were both opened during the first semester of SY 2007-2008 and SY 2008-2009 respectively.
Through the years, Cavite...

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