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Narrative Verses Descriptive Essay

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For this paper I was to write about the differences and the similarities of two essay I had chosen to read. In order to be able to understand and compare two essays you have to know the basics of narrative and descriptive essays in order to choose the correct essays to compare. I have chosen two essays that appealed to me, one made me laugh and take a look at what I am as a person, and the other one took me to a past moment that I had lived through in relation to the essay. In the essay “I Want a Wife” by Judy Brady, this one shows all the essentials of a narrative essay. This is shown by the way it is written and the narrative voice in the writing. In the essay “One More to the Lake” by ...view middle of the document...

3)’. I personally prefer narrative writings as they can tell you stories that are either real or fiction. I am one of millions who hearing stories from older family members and reading novels about lives, all of this is narrative. The creative tension in a story is a great way to build up to the crucial moment in the story and then answer questions that the reader may have developed.
Through her writing of “I Want a Wife” Brady brought the description of a wife to life. Through her way of writing, Brady makes the reader question what their role in a marriage is, as well as laugh at the role she has painted of a husband and a wife together. Using pathos she is appealing to our emotions and gaining our sense of sympathy. Through that sympathy she shows us that women are not being treated equally at home. Using logos is her way of listing the roles of a woman. She shows us that women are seeming required to do much more than men. Brady demonstrates her credibility by stating “I belong to that classification of people known as wives. I am a wife, not altogether incidentally, I am a mother” (Brady, 1971). This statement shows us that she seems to know what she is talking about since she happen to have experienced this first hand. Brady does an great job of capturing the reader in what she is describing and then holds the reader throughout the essay, and then asks the question “My God, who wouldn’t want a wife?” (Brady, 1971).
Descriptive essays the author describes the person or the place to the event using vivid images that refer to the smell, touch, sound, taste, personality and behavior, also person job, hobbies and you describe what you feel about the person through the use of all the things listed. When writing descriptive essay you show your reader not tell him using the senses of sight as well. “Good description includes important details that help paint the picture for the reader by "filling in the blanks" in the visual image. Details help you focus the reader's attention on the characteristics that make people, places, objects, and events unique and help them "come alive" for readers. Look beyond the obvious for specific characteristics of what you are describing to help readers "see" it too” (Connell, 2013, 6.4). When writing descriptive papers the author needs to remember to use vivid, specific and expressive words to ensure his pictures are painted correctly in the paper.
“Once More to the Lake” is an autobiographical account of White’s childhood at the lake. White uses literary techniques such as imagery, metaphor, and tone to illustrate the comparison of the lake as he remembers it as a boy to the subtle changes it has faced since he has been away. White often describes recent experiences and then relates them closely to his past experiences which bring up seemingly forgotten old memories he had not known he could remember. Using pathos or imagination, he paints the picture of what is around. The look and feel are described both as...

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