Nasa's Changing Problem Essay

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NASA’s Changing Problems
Has anyone ever realized that the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is slowly getting shut down for the whole world to see? This is changing NASA very much. It lost its shuttle program, it had budget cuts to missions to earth, and even a cut in education. NASA was founded by Dwight D. Eisenhower. NASA is most known for being the first company to send a person to the moon. It is easy to tell that NASA’s changed and is changing right now. The big question is what the change is happening to. One thing is for sure. This changing in NASA is definitely for the worst.
The shuttle program has very drastically changed. The shuttle program is a program of ...view middle of the document...

NASA used to be really into education of people. They had museums, displays, they let schools have a field trip to NASA, or places that NASA supports monetarily and have people go and talk about Space and get kids into space so we can have the next generation of space explorers. Now NASA’s education budget has been drastically. NASA can no longer sponsor a lot of these things, which, in turn will slow down the process of getting kids interested in space and space exploration, so the USA will have to do that without the helpful monetary support of NASA. This is what is concerning many people at NASA about what the future might hold for NASA.
Missions to earth have been slowed down over the years. Missions to earth are when NASA sends a probe into space to look at the earth. This is significant because it helped us know more about how the cloud systems work and how storms work. The missions to earth have started to slow down. The missions to earth in the 1990’s were everywhere and for everything. Today, the Missions to earth are not so common. Many are done with, twenty-nine to be exact, twenty-seven are still...

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