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Country Report Of China And Healthcare Industry

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ChinaSource: CIA Factbook-OverviewoChina is the world's largest nation. A population that comprises 1/6th of the world's total population. It has steadfastly grown to be one of the 10 largest economies of the world, making it an important player on the world market. In following some basic changes in market reforms, China has been emerging in the world as an economic power. After joining WTO in 2001, China has become more integrated into the world market. With a strong growth in GDP, China is recording a compound annual growth rate of 9.5% between the last five years. The country has been splitting into the economic flourishing and the slowing regions. China's government has taken it upon themselves to control investments and lending activity, in the economically flourishing sectors, especially in the property sector. In 2006, GDP growth was 10.6% within the third quarter, which was .9% lower than the previous quarter. The rapid ascend in the growth rate should be controlled by China in order to avoid an increased competition for limited resources within Chinese companies. China's growth in 2005-2010 is pegged at a CAGR of 10%.China GDP Table-Balance of Payments (BOP)oRapid development in the national economy, spear headed by growth in foreign trade, and increase in foreign FDI, the balance of payments for China showed a 'dual surplus.' Accounts totaled this surplus to be 160 billion USD in the current account, and the capital and financial surplus totaled 63 billion USD. At end of year foreign exchange reserves had amounted to 818 billion USD. China's BOP in 2005, showed that international investments increased in 2005, current accounts continued to rise, especially via the large increase in goods surplus, even though there was a slight capital and financial accounts, which was driven down by investment and investment was shifted to deficit with significant amounts of FDI. The BOP was still able to retain strong ground in order to tolerate any further market shifts. In 2005, macro-control by the state was implemented to fiscal and monetary policies, in order to assist with the process of restructuring, to increase utilization of the foreign capital that was flowing into the country.Balance of Payments, 2005(in thousands of US Dollars)ItemBalance CreditDebitI. Current Account160,818,311903,581,787742,763,476A. Goods and Services124,797,704836,887,831712,090,1281.Goods134,189,095762,483,733628,294,6382.Services-9,391,39274,404,09883,795,4902.1Transportation-13,021,02415,426,52328,447,5472.2Travel7,536,93029,296,00021,759,0702.3Communication Services-118,173485,231603,4042.4Construction Services973,5672,592,9491,619,3822.5Insurance Services-6,650,142549,4187,199,5592.6Financial Services-14,244145,231159,4762.7Computer and Information Services217,6761,840,1841,622,5092.8Royalties and License Fees-5,163,852157,4025,321,2542.9Research and Development-861,4085,322,1326,183,5402.10Advertising and Public Opinion...

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